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Saturday, January 27, 2007

still climbing

its been almost a week of no work and all thought. ever since i showed the film to sekhar on the 23rd, all i've managed to do is absolutely nothing.

while the edit studio needed a break from me and i from it, cus before i re-edit anymore, i really need to distance myself from the film,so i can tackle it again with an open mind,the real downer has been the constant non-availability and non-communication of my sound engineer.
after calling continously for over 2 days he finally wakes upto me...god i dont know why some people are created the way they are...i just needed an explanation as to when i could re-start my dub...
anyways, i am finally getting underway in about 5 hours time. unable to sleep...i have so much still to do with the film, and while i am a one man army here, its getting to be a bit tiresome having to do all the thinking,working,planning,cajoling,motivating,inspiring etc etc yourself.
i have only me for company, and while i have been used to that for several years now, i could do with a clone of myself right now. :)

many a mile to go still.


Anonymous said...

Time to get a gf dude!

Anonymous said...

i agree-

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