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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

setting expectations

so the rough cut of the film is out. just the rough cut.which means, i know how the film will eventually turn out, since i have the framework in front of me.
what do i think? i think i have made a meaningful film. and i think, unless the sun rotates around the earth, people will see and understand that it was an honest attempt made my someone who wanted to talk about his relationship with films...

q.will i be called the next spielberg,shyamalan or locally sekhar kammula or nagesh kukunoor? ans: no.
q.will this film be taken seriously? ans: i will work hard to get it its due notice. this is a great film? ans:no.well,maybe i am being modest,who knows right? :) this a good film? ans: yes. this an honest film? absolutely! this film flawless? ans: if there are flaws then i made it so everyone can see them.
q.what can we expect? ans: no lawrence of arabia or titanic. not a hyderabad blues or dollar dreams.

i think i made a film, and no one will notice. now that might be good (which means its flawless) or bad (which means...a headache of convincing people)
i am very proud this is my first film and i hope i live upto its principles. period.

i've still got miles to'lly until feb sometime before it can be ready to be seen by an audience. for a commercial release?ans: if only i was a millionaire. (fingers crossed :)

i dont know what everyone expects?...

q.but if your expecting a conventional film with lighting,beautiful camera work,visuals and breathtaking editing!
ans:sorry you will be dissapointed badly.
q.if you want a very honest,very bold, very small and very ambitious film.
ans:you wont be dissapointed. i promise.



Anonymous said...

hey yohan..

next spielberg, shyamalan?? already ??? will be no fun for you to be like them just as yet.... they had to travel along their long paths to get to where they are now....enjoy your own journey to becomming a film maker... you've already taken your first steps.... and who the hell are sekhar kammula or nagesh kukunoor??? don't bother about the local boys...they're no competition...

good luck...

since i have to give my name...


yohan said...

hi purna,
thank you for your encouraging did you hear about the site? i think its time i advt the site and let it reach out to people.

nischala said...

hey congratulations.

well, you have quite a few people who are anxiuosly waiting to watch your movie.

Any honest attempt will get its due recognition. i am quite sure of it.

all movies at present lack a human touch...

from whatever i get to read from your blog. this movie has lot of sensetivity to it.

those people who are emotional and see an attachment with everything around them will relate to your movie immedaitely. there is no doubt about it.

all the best

Anonymous said...

hi yohan, its looking good- atleast from your lens!!! it is nice to see the progression of your thoughts (hope hey are real and not just for public consumption)- based on whatever you have written so far, is this movie a commentary on the current state of telugu film industry or is it the relationship of a director with a film ? not very clear?

Anonymous said...

hi, thanks for your comments.this film is about a relationship between a film-maker and his industry.