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Sunday, May 13, 2007


Confessions of a film maker is written, directed and produced by Anish. Though there are a few characters in the film, the only lead role in the film is done by Kamal Kamaraju. The film is about an aspiring film maker's take on how the film industry is now mafia-like. It tries to show the frustration of an aspiring film maker in the present scenario of film industry.

The film starts off with a note that a dead body is found on a staircase. It is identified to be that of Kamal Kamaraju's and the mode of death is suicide. Kamal records the last 10 days of his life and makes it as a video diary. This is recovered from his belongings after his suicide. There are instructions on how to edit the video and that is what is the rest of the film.

Kamal Kamaraju gave excellent performance in the role of Kamal Kamaraju himself. Frustration, agony, hopelessness, helplessness kind of expressions are consistent on his face and body language. Kamal and director Anish have got some guts in making this film. The content of the film is bold, starking reality, thought provoking, opiniated and abusive.

Director Kamal in the film has a great script but he fails several attempts to launch it as a film. He is frustrated because he has been working in the industry for the last 10 years and has been in good books with many makers as a hard worker. Yet, his film never kicks off. The reason, he attributes, is that the industry is run by stars rather than creators. 'That is why we dont see original scripts', claims the film.
Nepotism, mediocrity are the main targets of attack in the film. The script comments on almost all the top stars and recently released films. There is no beating around the bush for these comments. The comments are very specific and can be easily associated with those stars and those movies. The film also tries to discuss on how the present generation of films are sowing bad seeds in children's minds. 'A is for Adults in the entire world but here A is for all' kind of slogans (referring to A certificate) read strikingly in the film.

Leaving content aside, Anish did a good job with the making of the film. Novelty - is the word here. From the word go, the film narrates in a different style. The camera always focussed on one character narrating 10 days of his life. Run time of the film is 90 minutes and the audience are glued to the seats for the entire time. However, there are a few parts in the film that were dragged a bit. Some trimming could have worked better.

The side of the coin that I liked in this film is the guts of the makers, few facts spoken, a different movie, Kamal's performance and the tribute paid to classic movies. The other side of it is the abusive language, opiniated message and no proper justification for the frustration of the director. He loses his heart with just an attempt? And though the film runs a disclaimer that it is strictly for people older than 18, the language used in the film is still unacceptable.

The film shows lot of frustration. Lots and lots of it. He shows his frustration on the film stars ('Stop making films for yourselves'), media ('Stop Lying') and the audience. But is it in the right direction? Film 'Industry' is about entertainment business. There is lot of money, livelihood and sustainance involved in this business. The makers have their own graph in doing a film. For example, compare the openings of a debut film of a superstar's son and that of a new debut hero. That should prove the point. It is the human tendency. If Tata brand released a new car and some tom dick and harry company released almost the same car, which one would you buy?
The argument can continue against the content on the above lines. Some of the points raised in the film might be valid. At the same time, they can be argued against from any view point. That is why the Confessions of a film maker comes with some bold (frustrated) reality but is also strongly opiniated. One more thing I accept with the director is 'No one should be bigger than cinema. Cinema should be bigger than those involved'.

(As told by the director, this could be the first and last screening. The film might release on DVD soon and also might be telecasted on some websites).


Anonymous said...

Wanted to post under this thread originally.Sorry for the duplication,guys!
Are you feelin any lighter?:-).

Firstly,congrats...COF didnt falter.In fact,it seems to have created a flutter..your worst fears were unfounded.There was an audience,there is a debate and there are reviews out there.So,hurrah!'s definitely in the radar of the public eye(limited right now).

Secondly,having read the reviews--i feel that there is a response now--a mixed response for sure.The use of expletives seems to have hurt the journos' sensibilities:-).But over all,the basic essense..the basic premise of the movie has been captured by the audience..and thats a victory!

Thirdly,the job is still half-done.It is time to be even more aggresive in promoting the movie...maybe,grey out the expletive section...and get a censored release... and promote COF,yourself and the crew to a wider audience.

My gut feelin is that COF is at that crossroad now--where if not pushed,may go un-noticed..trashed forever OR with the right impetus MAY just catch the junta's attention...and who knows????

Case in point--was speakin to a colleague of mine...a super junior of yours(HPS)...and casually mentioned COF...and you know what....he had read about it somewhere....Just proves the point..that before ppl forget abt COF completely....its time to shove it on their faces.

Well,you are the best judge,buddy.

What do we feel--Proud of ya,buddy!Now,when/how do we get to see the final cut,yaar?

And Siraj bro--thnx for representing us all.It must have been a good fillip for Anisho.

Kamal bhai--you can smile now,maan!Job well done!Hope we dont see you foot tapping beside Ravi Teja or Jr.NTR.But heck--who knows.They cud be the ones foot tapping beside you...right?



Anonymous said...


Congrats!!!...looks like you have a mixed review...but if i have read it right.....technically, storywise you have succeeded!! and have got applauds for having the B@!!$ ;-)....I am very happy for you!!....

Kamal - Applauds to you ...looks like you have been unanimaously voted for good acting and carrying the movie through 90mins....Congrats!!

ANish...YOU HAVE ARRIVED....Love or Hate you...they cannot IGNORE you now!!

If this does not go mainstream because it has explicit words etc....TRY A SPOOF!!.....Maybe a SARCASTIC MODE would appeal more than the ANGRY YOUNG MAN mode....




sumanth said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sumanth said...

Hello Anish,

I've stopped watching telugu movies long time back. They are so predictable and lack conviction. I understand your frustratation and i appreciate your guts!!!.

Sanjay said...

ANish Dude!!! You rock ! Trust me. I missed the preview screening, but the reviews say it all... if you remember me (drummer from Stiffneck Syndrome), i happened to see 10 mins of the footage sitting next to Vishnu in the studio where we met you.... Duuuuudeee get the freakin' movie on Youtube or something like that... i just cant wait to watch your baby grow man... my dad was there at the screening btw, he loves the movie.. he thinks it should be screeened on those fancy new electronic video hoardings accross the city !!!! Cheeerios to you, my friend. Hope to see you sooon

Anonymous said...

Hey man....uve done it......Iam serious..though i couldnt make it to the from all over the world says it all.......tell me if u r planni to release it..i'll help u in distribution..:-)....


Anonymous said...

Hey Everyone!

I have been followin this blog from a very long time but never passed a comment. But now i thought of makin it.I saw the preview.Its really gr8 to c the reviews like that... but my concern is how the team of COF is makin this movie come out in general public. I want this movie to come out.

Watchin this movie I remember the quote in Rang De Basanthi " Abbhi Jis Ka Koon na Khola, Koon Nahi Woh Pani Hai...Jo Desh key Kaam Na Aye Wo Bekaar Jawani Hai"

Now that Anish and his team has done their job, and now i suppose the bloggers or the ppl who r followin this shud make a difference apart from wishin them. V all can come together get some innovative ideas to make this movie come out...I m startin my work on this and next time i will try come out with an idea...hope everyone will do it too...


Spazzo said...

Hey Anish....

as many other people i didnt comment ever before... i was afraid what would i put in here, ofcourse i didnt watch the movie yet... mannn u should make out somethin for people like us who are outta HYD nowww..

Wellll.... the reason to put up this comment would be like... i donno... jus wanted to say U, u did a brave thing, on the day1 when i saw the AD itself, i felt it... somethin has changed atlast... someone has comeup... atleast one person told it out atlast... made it clear to everyone...

thats all bro...

3 cheers

p.s i know this has no head or tail but leavin it like this means a lott

yashwanth said...

hi anish

I dint see ur movie but i saw the reviews .And i am very exied to see the movie as of even we r sucked up with the tollywood movies.I hope u make some good movies fr the youngsters and u r even gonna find some good financers because ur a very good director,but as u said no one is bigger than cinema .cheers mate

nixstor said...

As one of the reviews points out, there is no need for finger pointing/expletives (in)directly to show how nepotism rules in Tollywood. You have chosen to attack the supporters of nepotism rather than educating the blind/flattering/caste fanatic fans/masses. 90% of the people who are cry out loud right now would do the same if they have the lights on them. It doesn't mean that I support them or similar thought process. All that I want to say is change should come in people and their thought process to admire and appreciate movies based on substance and creativity but not some thing else. Your efforts in that direction might not have astounding reactions like the one's right now, but would have had a better impact on people's thought process. All said, You have done a great job in bringing a great issue to the forefront of the high tech masses. I totally agree with some one who has suggested bringing out a censored version to the non high tech masses which can actually impact thought process, so that enforcing nepotism can be sent to the bit bucket asap. more than 2 cents. Looking forward to You tube.

Prashu said...

Waiting to watch it. Finally someone would have atleast spoken (truth or falsehood need not be judged). In a system where speaking is made difficult, I beleive Anish has begun a trend.
Just one problem with these kind of films is that they are strongly biased towards directors viewpoint (which may not always be the reality and depends on how the director had interpreted the situations).
The same problem was with "Matrubhumi", the hindi film which at the end showed the directorial bias towards castes.

I just hope Anish would have not biased the film outright and rather would have given a balanced viewpoint. As is known information is asymmetric and therefore facts should be put forward as facts as far as possible , rather than trying to interpret them and make a huge conspiracy theory.

best of luck to Anish's team.

Anisha said...

Hi Anish
Congrats, I just can't wait for your film to appear on DVD.I've loved your movie Dollar Dreams and said to myself i'd never leave India,one movie i relate with completely, I was an engineer, an aspirant of a MBA diploma from prestigious inst like IIMs , and you know what, things didn't happen anywhere close to the movie ending, destiny brought me to USA.Believe me I had a massive crush on you, and I saw you often on Tarnaka roads.Well I lived in Tarnaka all my life,i hoped you'd make more films I could relate to.And here i am desperately waiting for the movie to appear.And screw the censor board in India, there are somethings which can never happen, there is sleaze and vulgarity in most of the movies, they have no problem with that, there is no proper rating given to movies.And y can't movies be close to reality?.don't people keep swearing all the time? and wahts wrong if there is swearing in movies...well..waiting to see ur movie


Anonymous said...

anish come on speak-up...

i think i read that u r an athiest, but still may almighty's blessings r with u...

surprise, i am also almost an atiest

Anonymous said...

yes, all the best for kamal. the face of anish in the film...

Anonymous said...

On one hand we have outstanding movies that all telugu audiences can be proud of and on the other, we have movies with scripts and dialogues that potray hatred,caste wars,explicit scenes and exploit the image of telugu actresses to their advantage,saying that the "Story" required it.
Except for a countable few,Telugu movies these days lack originality. Its understood that its left to the best judgement of the audience to take the good and leave the bad out ,however with the profound effect that cinema has on the masses especially the youth,it is impossible these days not to get carried away.Actors,Directors and Story writers have to realize the impact a Film can have on our society and their social responsibility.Ofcourse,after they have made their crores enough for their next 10 generations,i think they can start thinking about that.
I think Anish Kuruvilla has made a bold attempt,whether the movie gets out into the theatres or not,i think he has created some sensation which could open some eyes.Infact,the movie speaks for all those telugu audiences who wanted someone to put the word out.Its time to call upon all those actors and directors to take a look at some of these comments and get a reality check...its just not possible to watch a telugu movie along with kids.Really,does it have to be that way?Are we trying to create a generation of perverts?And,dont get me started on the song lyrics,its a pity.Whatever happened to "Desabhashalandu Telugu lessa".
truth is bitter but face it...if you care!

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