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Monday, January 01, 2007

cof day 27-new years eve

i deleted my earlier post 'no sympathy', i was overwhelmed with responses saying that i may have been 'inspired'. god, lol. well i deleted it because i didnt want anyone to misunderstand further. especially the press.
anyways. well today is new years. so i'll say 'happy new year'. ok, thats done with. i've been shooting the whole of the 31st. we started our day at 5:30a.m and we made our way from medhipatnam to well all over basically. the first half of the day canning flashbacks etc. however, the second half started off with my actor making some major physical changes within himself to get ready for the climactis scenes of the film. it was a brave effort on his part. i cant reveal too much about the plot, cus if i were to talk about it, then there wouldnt be a film to watch.
i understand from feedback that my blog is too internal and talks about all things vague. well yeah, thats why its a blog and not a website. also at this point even before i have gone to the press with the film details, i can only write about how i am feeling most of the time,rather than what i have been shooting.
last night was all about getting some moments from our mad hyderabadu crowd as they go about dragging in the new year. i have either grown too old or i dont know how to have fun anymore....but i just dont see the point in yelling and screaming 'happy new yearrrrrrrrrr' into every hapless souls ear.
for me the new year this time round was just another day winding to a close and straining to open for the next day. if anything the new year is a reflection on what one did and hopes to achieve. in my case the hopes are monumental and i have a mountain to climb.hopefully i will have the lung power.
anyway like i was rambling earlier on...the focus was to capture some silent,thoughful,introspective,calming moments from hyderabad.
i think i achieved it to some extent. the highlight was the coverage of the new years mass at st.mary's. it was light up spectacularly.
meanwhile i am getting ready to shoot the final scene today in a few hours. need to work on that...will write later.
oh i had a feast of a dinner at 4 seasons medhipatnam.
fuck it,not able to upload any pics..

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Anonymous said...

wish you a very happy and successful new year,

good thing you deleted that post,

so when do u plan to start the edit of ur film.