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Saturday, January 20, 2007

new flavours

its been a while since a post. i did write one yesterday, but lost it cus there was a server problem.
anyways. i was writing to say that i think the film is now moving into a new direction. the dubbing of the film started yesterday. sigh.
i have to now start planning an itinerary of film festivals, big and small that i must start registering my film for...
readers/friends, whenever you guys have the time, look through the web for me and let me know which major or minor festivals are coming up this year, i'd like to send c.o.f to atleast 5 major and 5 minor festivals. i might register for cannes one of these days.... a bit of a limbo right many thoughts to process at the same time..
will keep you posted on the dub which is giving the film a new exciting flavour and the edit which continues, till, i dont know, till i guess i realise the film is finished. a continous edit is something like, you know not knowing when to stop painting or not knowing when your painting is waiting for something in me to say, "yeah,your film is ready".



Anonymous said...

A huge list of film festivals happening in USA.You can pick and choose...
================================= -->@San Jose.Seems good...lotsa desi crowd will be a plus.
================================= -->@Chicago -->@NY
How about sub-titles to your movie--just a thought.You must've already taken care of it.

yohan said...

wow,thanks for the interest swaps. yeah subtitling is yet to be done man, it a pain in the arse job.
hope everything is good at your end.