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Tuesday, January 23, 2007


ok so i showed the film to sekhar kammula today. i will reveal what he said when i hold a screening for a few members of the general public later this month or first week of february.

now moving on, i have a mountain to climb with the sound editing/mixing/dubbing of this film. its becoming more crucial than i thought it would be. actually at first i assumed it would be a piece of cake and that last thing i would need to stress about. but looks like this film is going to make me work harder before i get it ready for release.
anyways. my lead actor just dropped in, so i will turn in for today...



Anonymous said...

Would have loved to hear what Shekar thought about the film.
How about--1.]he liked it;2.]Didnt like it;3.]OK,can improve;4.]Good subject,not dealt with properly 5.]MASTERPIECE
Take care n good luc

yohan said...

hey who was this? please leave your name! :)