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Sunday, January 14, 2007


ok, my film is now over 1 hour long, and i have about 15-20 min of footage to edit yet. i wasnt sure at the beginning whether it would last a feature length but it has. all of this is a rough cut, which will be trimmed down after dubbing...
what do i think about it? well i have lost all objectivity. how would i describe the film? i'll call it a love story, between a guy and his movies. yeah. what genre? well, drama-docu-noirish-cinema verite-guerilla style=confessions of a film-maker.
visually? well its moody? very moody? one thing this guy doesnt have in his life is colour. at the same time i didnt want this to be a conventional arty black and white film, so you will find a rainbow although a mellow one, of moody tones.
what else? except that, later this week someone will be asked to review my film, with all its "rough-cut stage-unpolished-work in progress" glory.
and the music? i've used tracks that suit every mood and moment. ofcourse they are also my favs, like bryan adams,john denver,lucky ali,a.r rahman etc. yeah, all these musical geniuses have kindly let me 'use' their work.

what will people think when they see the film?
a: this guy has to be crazy to make a film about his relationship with cinema. but we like him for it.
b: this guy is plain crazy, to expect us to take all this seriously.

ciao, am off for a noon session of editing.


Anonymous said...

hi yohan, have been following ur blog for sometime-congrats dude! for finally finishing the shoot- i have thi crazy idea- why dont you put it on the net and leave for public reviews. its the latest trend for indi movies- we would all love to comment on it

Anonymous said...

you are what ever director should be about... a man who tells a story that he is passionate about...don't worry about what people might think.... I would be very proud of myself if i were you... sooooo no more sighs... smile a little :)

yohan said...

hi thanks for your comments. please leave your name.
yeah i have thought of uploading it, but what i really want to try and see is, if i can get a release. i need to make some money too....if all else fails...then its 'you tube'

ilarumk said...

if everything else fails, upload in youtube and keep a donation thing so interested viewers can donate :P