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Saturday, February 03, 2007

another shitty day, until black friday

i had big hopes today. they didnt materialise. now it seems like i have to do this myself (sorry for being vague).
but yeah, tomorrow, from tomorrow i need to work extra hard to get this film made. i dont know what i have made. i think this film is so personal, that it might not work for anyone else, simply cus i didnt make it for anyone else.
and just the thought that someone will criticise even one frame of my film, makes my blood boil.
i'm crazy man. i think the americans have it easy, they either go to a therapist, a counsellor, or maybe a friend or family member.....
we indians find doing any of that too difficult....well i wont generalise, but i think india as a culture promotes self angst because its anti 'us' messing 'other' peoples heads with 'our' problem(dis-jointed sentences=fucked head) many of you have grown up being yelled at for crying!!! lol....alright. well this is the case with me atleast...

fuck i'm digressing, this a confession of a film-maker website and film-makers are not people.
they are heartless,gutless,selfish,horse-blinded,lunatics.

....and the worst of them make the best film-makers.

and anurag is one of them,here's to anurag kashyap and his film 'black friday'. the most courageous film-maker in modern indian cinema history and my definition of a film-maker.
his film finally opens this week....


yohan said...

hi hbj,
i am calm. its calming to see you hover around my blog,

like a..
bumble bee around its favorite rose.

like a..
gentle cool breeze,reminding you to breathe.

cold spring water down a bloody knee.

the lump in a throat,which gags memories.


Anonymous said...


you sound like you are this tall, handsome, sensitive, creative genius who is just misunderstood by everyone around him....

that is so attractive in a guy....

would you like to call me sometime?


Anonymous said...

man, just because a guy called anurag kashyap made a film like BLACK FRIDAY, does not make him great, let him make a film like MANTHAN, which made the people of a village fund for the project, that is what i would call a path breaker or a trend setter in the society.

yohan said...

hey hi,
who is this anti-anurag chap on my blog :). pleased to see your comments.
anurag is special because he fought for freedom of expression.
mr.shyam benegal is an icon.
manthan is a very special film, i agree and i dont be-grudge its importance, esp cus it was made a the cusp of-- the white revolution.
please leave your name.