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Friday, January 05, 2007

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To All those Committee Members who Organize the Diamond Jubilee Function,

I am a great fan of Telugu Film Industry since my Childhood and never missed any film that can be watched even though I was at Anantapur / Nellore / Shriharikota / Chennai or USA. Currently I am working as a Software Engineer in USA. In this Open Letter I want to convey a message. I am not in a position to advise or guide but rather I am trying to share my thoughts with you guys.
This is all about the so called ‘Diamond Jubilee Celebrations’ which is going to be held in a gala way on 26th , 27th and 28th of Jan in HYD. And now the organizers of that event are announcing in a proud way that the whole event is going to cost few crores of rupees (around 8 or 9 crores in total). I am really surprised that why all these people who are considered to be the big heads of Telugu Film Industry never even thought a minute that
“Do we really need to spend so much money just because we are going to enter the 76th year “?
“Is there any better way we can spend this money on the eve of entering 76th year”?
All those Directors / Producers / Actors / Artists / Camera men and every one who tried to direct a film like Tagore or a film like Stalin or a film like Rudraveena or a film like “Criminal” never thought once that why can’t we spend this money for a better cause?

All you guys are going forward to spend such a huge amount just to have fun for few days / few hours? You can very well built a Hospital or an Old Age home for poor people or an Orphan age for hundreds of kids who are left by their Parents or can donate money to poor Schools or can educate thousands of kids who don’t have money in their pockets to study. There are many Organizations in our country that really really need money seriously? You the Industry people direct films like Criminal where the hero fight until his death to construct a “Amma Hospital” which serves the needy people for free and why can’t you guys just give a thought about it in real life when you have a chance? We the audience when ever see such a Message oriented Movie we are getting inspired from those films and trying to spend at least few hundreds from our pockets to help the needy, then why can’t you guys think on those lines?
I myself know hundreds of NRI’s who help the needy people in India by maintaining so many forums and chat channels thinking that back home in India may people need financial help. Even though we stay thousands of miles away from home (India) we do get inspired by your films and want to do some meaningful things in life. You guys know the situation better by living in India and by directing Films taking the social elements then why can’t you react in a better way when time comes?

You just Direct / Produce and Act in such message oriented Movies with out a cause? You are thinking that it’s prestigious to call a Bolly Wood actress to sizzle on the screen by paying hefty amount and you are announcing in papers with pride? I don’t think that’s not what Telugu Industry is entering into 76th year. Why can’t you spend that money for a better cause? You can sponsor few operations in Govt hospitals and what not we can do in India if we have that much money? The director of Tagore Movie and Script writer gave powerful dialogs giving the exact statistics of the needy people (for which we literally got tears when we heard that there are so many people in India who need help) / the script writer of “Aparichithudu” Movie gave even more powerful dialogs saying how the youth is not helping the Country to grow? How we are leaving the Country behind and going forward with selfishness (which we should not) like that you encouraged the audiences. Why is that spirit missing in you now?
What are you guys doing now? Will any one in the Country get benefited by this Diamond Jubilee Function? Please think twice Sir and spend the money for a better cause.

You build a Hospital and name it after your Industry and that name will remain for ever or

pick a village and reformat the entire village and built a school for poor people name it after Telugu Film Industry
or construct a old age home for poor people
or give donations to those poor students who really need financial help to study further
or construct a house for all those poor technicians who r there in your film industry from years together and serving you people
or donate clothes to all those SC / ST Hostels where kids are dying in winters with out proper clothes and bedsheets
or help those heart patients who don’t have the money to get operated
if you do such things then every Telugu guy in this world will feel proud of their Telugu Film Industry.

If the Directors / those powerful script writers or the so called Organizers are running out of thoughts do take the audience advise and believe me we can offer a better way to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee Function than the one you opted for.

Haritha Machineni


Anonymous said...

really..i wont even expect such benevolent things from the industry, also it might only turn out to be another event going to the chiru relief fund or the c.m. relief fund. Forget all those things they can do a lot good to themselves by building a film institute in A.P. with that money.

Anonymous said...

i definitely agree with what haritha says, leave alone humans, once i saw a dog hit by a speeding car in the posh banjara hills area and i tried helping it by calling the blue cross society, the response i got was, "sir we do not a vehicle so why don't you hire an auto and bring it to our office", just think, when a human can react to the injustice in the society, by killing the so called corrupt, how will a dumb animal react to any kind of help., it was trying to bite anyone who came forward to help it because it lost trust in humanity.

so i feel our film makers, if they are really intended to bring a change in the society, should think from the humanity point of view and not how much their film will gross.

Anonymous said...

hi who is this? please leave your name.