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Friday, January 05, 2007

editing day 1

alright, so i finally got started last night. the first scene came out exactly how i wanted it to. so that was a perfect start. the scene right after had me pulling my hair and questioning why i ever made this film. sigh! well it was frustrating, because that scene asks all kinds of questions,both literally and metaphorically, and i found myself groping for answers. i found some of them, however i will need to look into it again tonight. the 3rd scene which followed was pretty much a breeze, except that i found myself digging a bigger hole. a hole which i never intended in the first place. i called it a night as soon as i saw the asst.editor falling asleep on the system. i was too tired to laugh at that sight.
need to do some serious r&d today before i continue editing..
i am thinking too much about how people are going to that a good or a bad thing?

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