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Monday, January 01, 2007

cof day 28/theend/finito/fin

ok i am done shooting my film. strangely i dont feel overwhelmed or emotional. maybe the new year coming in and the energies that went into shooting last night, took away from this moment somewhat. no matter,still, i started shooting today at 3, one scene. took 3 hours to get it right. its also the first scene in the movie. i'm glad i was able to shoot exactly the way i first visualised it. however it took around 12 retakes. toughy.
so yeah, its been 28 days of shooting, which started on the 28thofnov and ended on new years. i didnt plan for it to be a long schedule, nor did i initially want to end shooting on new years day. but the story seemed to be taking its own course, we (my crew) all had our own self journeys of doubt,dream,angst and expression.
i'll miss the pointless drives for hours on end on highways, and the discussions about movies in cafe's. but i am looking forward to now taking this film to its 'logical end'-pun intended.
yeah...i will hit the post-production suite from the 3rd. atleast thats what the editor says....i hope he means that...i have no more patience for any sort of delays, i want to get this film out of my system...
i dont know if stupid blogger will let me ipload some pics, i'll try. i also dont know if i'll keep writing on this blog frequently....maybe i will.
but meanwhile please do check my other blog"

my minds travelling. i think i'll take a trip.


Anonymous said...

hey man, ur hero looks pretty cool with that bald pate, wonder why he or sekhar, did not make him do it, for GODAVARI!!!!!!!!!!!

guess whoami.,

yohan said...

i have no idea. who is this?

Anonymous said...

yaar, it is the guy whom u gave ur daughter!!!

Anonymous said...

and if you wanna take a trip, lemme know, i'll give u good company.!!!