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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

cof day 26

as i slide into the last week, i had today to take care off. and god what a tiring day it was. as it is, like i mentioned earlier, i was underprepared and underconfident going into this scene. and the results eventually happened. i had a harrowing time getting the kid to perform simple action. the end result, well i wont know i guess until i am ready to edit. archana who was playing the mother however was a complete natural, maybe i will lean more on her during the edit.
now back to the topic of kids. why the hell cant they ever sit still, this kid would always want his dad by his side, so it was impossible to get him to do anything. sigh. well atleast the day is done and the scenes were shot. but i know i should have done better. maybe i am leaving too much to chaos and natural instincts. will work on this aspect when i shoot the final scenes on new years eve.
kids, i hate kids who dont listen, who whine about going back to their dads, who just wont shut up and listen. god, it wasnt like i was asking him to do scarface. the kid just had to be himself. and by himself i mean, like how i'd imagined him to be. i know i'm being unreasonable. but heck, who do i complain to?
kidssssss arrrrrgh...who wants them.

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