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Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Music of COF-2

follow me into my abyss of dreams n views
make me an object of observation
make me a song but i wont rhyme for sure
im might sound numb but guess am just ok

ride me to the dawn and let me loose
i wanna confess i wanna let go
laugh with me n let me cry when i want to
i wanna confess... tryin to express

let me change into something more comfortable
the day will be long n tiring u better now
play around with ur vision and
capture what may really seem insignificant.

music and lyrics by KRIS


jaris said...

Arey Yar
Tu film kab release karega?
Thak gaya main comments padhke...

Amit, swap, anna , kamal....samjha rey Anish ko...
ab India bhi world cup se bahar hogaya, cmon bidu..release kar ..
yeh tension ab mere se bardaasht nahin hota...
this is becoming like ramsay movie
Bidu awaitng the release date..

Anonymous said...

i wish i could speed things up. but there is so much out of my control.
the music needs to be done. and then things will speed up.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Siraj on this one...Yep...hammer the 'iron' at its hottest.You are the best judge,though.

Maybe,you should post more often on the daily happenings with 'COF'...just so that the steam remains hot.Maybe posting your articles on PFC,concurrently on this blog...maybe with a different label, may help.Some fodder to the readers.

Amit,Pandu(where the heck are ya,maan?),Siraj,Kamal...and the followers of this blog--how abt keying in some good movies that you've watched lately....?Well,i am just trying to stoke the fire here:).Or movies you can stay away from?

Well,i was watching 'Borat' last night with a few friends and their spouses.....a sure 'NO NO' in the company of the opposite sex...we might laugh at a few things...but it can be traumatic for the ladies:).There is nothing left for anyones imagination.As gross as it can possibly get....but guys,the humor may appeal to you--personally,i was laughin quite a bit:))


Anonymous said...

Hey guys,

Watch "The Namesake"........its a decent movie..a little too much for the foreign crowd I thought.....but Tabu and irfan are a treat to watch!
Watch "Fast Food Nation" and "Thank you for smoking"....I thought they were very interesting movies!!

Anyways Anish...take your time...but get a good product out...not meaning to pressure you :-)!!!....