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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Music of 'COF'

i got sunlit clouds shinin on my head
as i walk on the road to nowhere
lookin at the world dat turned me down
as i contemplate my views on 'the man'

i gotmy reasons so clear to me
but i wnt push u to understand
look at the world thru the 'eye'
they made it look so obscene now

pieces of my mind scattered everywhere
gotta pick em up b4 i lose my stand
a fever, a dervish to make my day
a better place dan yesterday

i throw a pebble at the darkwithout no hope
n i laugh at the reasons dey throw me back
i got nuthin to lose n a lot i can give
closer to nowhere n dats where i am..

lyrics and music by KRIS.

yes this is the biggest decision i have made so far. i am going to get some original music done for COF. there will be some covers too, but i really want to stay away from stuff people have too many associations with... yep, thats is being composed and written as i write this....more on this exciting new development later...

the piece above is the first song written for the FILM. In time they will all be available in a store close to you :). I have big hopes on this guy and his band.


Swapnil said...

Awesome....didnt know about the music part of the film....

the lyrics are just right....what 'COF' has to say.

Coolio....good luc!Shud say...i am..rather we are all very excited.

Abhi jaldi se release kar de mere bhai....

Swapnil said...

Came across this one on PFC.Anish has replied back sensibly...which i dont think would work on this gentleman.Well,just goes on to show--why 'COF' is so important.Hope it makes a huge impact,maan....Tollywood needs it so badly.Anwyay...Joy!
siva on March 21st, 2007 2:22 pm

Hi Anish,

If you want to show reality of the film industry there is no need to use flithy language man……..try to present u r ideas on the screen so that every body will watch with their family…………

Dont blame any one man first think abt ur self b4 showing fingers on others…….Sorry to say like this …….actually u r from malayalam and i know u r v v v v fluent in english and hindi not that much in telugu except flithy words……but also u talks abt telugu film industry and the life here……….hey man every one knows film industry is color life so there is no new things to know abt that…….and one small advice before changing the system here first change on u r native region then talk abt here……..again i am feeling v bad to say like this………..i know u r v gud artist…..but maintain some moral values man……

And comming to Caste system that is not only in film industry man thats there in all over india……….if u want fight with that system then first concentrate on that man……y the govt is still increasing reservations…..y u r still following those fucking rules every where………

Film media is for Message, Entertainment only and i think u know with out commeritial elements no movie will be made and thats not in our telugu film industry man thats all over world………

i think first u have to change b4 the system…..
Can you imagine how deeply influenced our friend is--he is mentally scarred and completely molded by the Telugu movies into this dim-witted imbecile....whoz got the gall to comment on what movies shud be for.

Anisho---you are the 'messiah' dude...but seriously,it will take 100's of 'COF's to change their outlook.I am praying that 'COF' addresses those very points...and hit not only the common man but the ppl in charge(drectors,actors etc) with such brute force--that they should be ashamed of their below par products.

ha....i am tired now:(

Anonymous said...

Came across this one on PFC.Anish has replied back sensibly..

Hey Swapnil, I'd like to see Anish's reply to this moron. Where can I read it? I dunno what's PFC btw...

Anonymous said...

you can check my reply on this link.

chris said...

hey ..about the whole moral values part..i think every second movie thats being made have to consider that for once... its a simple choice anish made by making the movie...a simple choice people can do to watch n accept reality in its crude form or well talk around... moral values hehe this movies got moral values...takes an eye to observe