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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

happy days are here again...

sekhars new movie is starting tomorrow...
"a new movie is being made"..."yeah, lets make a film today"...."yes, its time to make a movie"...

the puja will start at 5am after which everyone will assemble on the sets, far from hyd city....

yeah its that time of the year...a movie is being made...
something about the morning before making a movie, reminds me of countless...yes countless emotions...

i know the ups and downs, the highs and lows, the anger and frustration, the happiness and satisfaction, the constipation and the acidity, the this and the that etc etc...
there's a feeling of deja vu...a certain sense of apprehensive anticipation...
akin to a trip down a giant wheel, something you so look forward to...something your'e scared and excited about at the same time...
thats what it feels like...

something changes...something permanent...every film experience is life changing...godavari was for me...and thats why 'confessions' happened and i feel 'happy days' is happening for a reason too...perhaps solely because of 'godavari'...but i dont know how sekhar feels...

i hope and pray for him, his family and his friends....that this will be the movie, nay, 'child' which will do him 'proudest'.

everytime a director calls 'cut and print'...he's pretty much determining his fate...sometimes for life.
this should be the film, that'll remain his antidote for life.

the post should end with the above sentence...but no...i have a poem..i think..let me see...wait, maybe a couple of lines.

"as the sun rises, so does hope...
as the dawn clears, so do thoughts..
as the light flickers, the doubts fade...
as the camera whirls, the action begins...
and when its time to call 'cut'....its a 'slice' of life"

here's to sekhar,and the cast and crew of 'happy days'.


kamal said...

It is good anish that we filmmakers have our own world. i mean unrelated or unefected by the way people would or have judged our movies. I think it is this emotinal quotient that we all strive for . its like a tonic. without this it is like life foregone. And it is these emotions during the making of any film that we understand the true meaning of one's existence in this place.

Dhruv said...

sad that you are not involved with the project, please suggest the tag line at least :)

Anonymous said...

Why are you not involved with the project? Sekhar is your friend and mentor for 10 years. Do you not agree with his type of moving making?

jaris said...

Hey Kamal well said buddy

Bidu, I'm proud of u.

venkata said...

hi siraj

you call me aunty and then you call me a pretty girl what contradictory statements.

hardly anybody knows me. so it is not a real breaking news

i love to expand the kamal's thought to other arenas of creativity may be ads, writing, painting all have similar way of looking at life.


Anonymous said...

C'monnnnnnnnnn!Enough of BS'tting.What is with you,Anish?
At the drop of the hat,you pen a poem and bicker about babies,mothers,boarding schools,life and what not.

Get a life!

You are making a film alright....just keep it simple and move ahead.Do not mention again about--truths,integrety,what life is...and how it has changed you.You have said it before many release the damn film and wait for the public reaction.even the poor kamal(hero..right) is catching your bug and wrting all sutti stuffffffff

siraj,photo and cv awaite...n no funny comments,please.....just to let you kno....they are a painfull attempt to be funny.


Anish Kuruvilla said...

hey xx, or whatever you are..

i agree i got a little too sentimental. but then i always write when i feel i have something to say.
i dont want to make you suffer or listen to my 'sutti' anymore.

your more than welcome to stop reading my blog.


Swapnil said...

Anisho n ppl,

Rajnesh D interview on rediff.

Nice read.Hope the movie makes it to the theaters.

Anonymous said...


you really can pick out my writing style sweety.... you know me soo well...:)


Anonymous said...

hey 'fake me out xx'

why would you use my name to write what you feel?? oh wait, is it like a joke in your friendless, pitiful, anti-social world.... were you like A REALLY UGLY CHILD OR SOMETHING??

i really don't give a damn what you have to say...thats up to you... but you shouldn't have used me to say it...

you better pray i never find out who you i sound a little upset here???


take care b***h


kamal said...

Remember anish of telling you as we were driving that i suddenly forgot i was a actor till a guy waved to me as he was crossing the road. few hapened as i was going through my mails.but one instance hapend whn i hapened to read apna blog comments . but this time someone xx or xxx called me a hero. plz lady get a life urself instead of pitying for people who work their butt off and then relish. their life.

Anonymous said...

siraj who this xx is? she mentions your name and cv?


Anonymous said...


Well my soul checked out missing as I sat listening
To the hours and minutes tickin away
Yeah, just sittin around waitin for my life to begin
While it was all just slippin away.
Im tired of waitin for tomorrow to come
Or that train to come roarin round the bend.
I got a new suit of clothes a pretty red rose
And a woman I can call my friend

These are better days baby
Yeah theres better days shining through
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Better days with a girl like you

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Its like eatin caviar and dirt
Its a sad funny ending to find yourself pretending
A rich man in a poor mans shirt
Now my ass was draggin when from a passin gypsy wagon
Your heart like a diamond shone
Tonight Im layin in your arms carvin lucky charms
Out of these heard luck bones

These are better days baby
These are better days its true
These are better days
Theres better days shining through

Now a life of leisure and a pirates treasure
Dont make much for tragedy
But its a sad man my friend whos livin in his own skin
And cant stand the company
Every fools got a reason to feelin sorry for himself
And turn his heart to stone
Tonight this fools halfway to heaven and just a mile outta hell
And I feel like Im comin home

These are better days baby
Theres better days shining through
These are better days
Better days with a girl like you

These are better days baby
These are better days its true
These are better days
Better days are shining through



Anonymous said...

-AMIT :)

Anonymous said...

well my tag line for sekhar's film would be " everybody be happy with thumpsup"., but still he will definitely do better if he makes a children film.

Anonymous said...


Take a chill pill and stop bitching. i saw this anish's video on youtube and thot wat was it all abt? couldn't think of it as a movie! but finally to my surprise i found tht it's a movie.anyways i am more than eager to watch this movie.

Anish keep rocking and Gud Luck dude