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Monday, March 19, 2007

feeling good

yeah, although the weekend was spent in doubt and depression over my movie, facing questions like, why the fuck did i make it? everyone is going to hate it? why didnt i simply make a comedy? i dont know why i made what i made? this is trash! whats the use!i dont know what to do with this! etc etc.

well that was the dark weekend behind me, as i confronted those issues, i came out feeling better last night. my climax looks great, a couple of troublesome scenes look like they will work somehow...hmm...a simple scene now looks cooler...a complex scene now looks simpler and more hard hitting....yeah i am happy...
actually no matter what the end result...its fucking original.

just thought i'd write that down for today...

i love this world....and the people in it. :)


Anonymous said...

i wish u good luck on your current project. looking forward to see the end result.


Prakash said...

Regardless of the result, your efforts are already commendable. Film making in India has to be learned on the streets, like you did.

Regardless of the result, technically you are now closer to Sekhar Kammula than a aspiring new director :-)

Regardless of the result, I feel that you will be more patient in your future directorial ventures.

Regardless of the result, you will be the only person who will gain from it. Be glad that you will not get unwanted publicity like Nishad did.

Your job as a film maker is now done. Let us decide its fate. Don't make yourself a fool like RGV did with some unwanted publicity. Make it public or stream it online for a nominal charge to incur your costs.

Better yet, do it like what "Snakes on the plane" or Money in Telugu did. You have already created platform for it.

However revealing your film might be, I don't think it will not make a difference to Telugu movie industry. Did Tehelka make a difference to politics in India?

I am still curious to know about what Sekhar Kammula said after watching your film about a month ago.

I wish you a great journey as film maker. You will be hailed as father of independent movies in Telugu film industry :-)

You are already a hit. Your blog and your efforts are already commendable.

Anonymous said...

Regardless of the result,i love you:)

Thanks for the morning laughter.

jaris said...

Regardless of so many things...
Anish Baap ban gaya ...Hey Bidu congrats man...
Amit, Swap, Anna, Kamal... kuch seekho....
बापू ने बोला है, कोई तुम्हे message ना करे तो कुछ नही बोलने का, तुम अपना message भेजते रहने का... बोले तो एक ना एक दिन उस की आत्मा जरूर जाग जाएगी!!!

aravind said...

hey anish, whats the latest update with your film, when can i get to see it? let me know if i can help you in anyway, i'm here always.