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Saturday, March 10, 2007

an update

the dub of the film is finally done. the film has been dubbed twice over, the first dub of the film,i felt was too elite'sh,too englishy all the way through.
i've corrected that....and so my sound engineer who doesnt understand a word of english, finally understood the film he's been working on for so many weeks. and he, ahem...he loves it!

with this done, i just have to wait for the sound effects guy to do his magic, and he's promised me that'll deliver the output next week. maybe wed'day.
so this means i start my final mix around thurs'day next. and that will take 2 days to get saturday...if my colour grading work is done on time, without any hitches, the edit studio can deliver me a first cut of my sunday! the 18th of march!....

i hope it happens like i think it could. 18th of march...hmm..
if i dont meet this deadline,it means either the effects guy screwed up...or the colour grading is taking a lot of system time...hmm...



Anonymous said...

Interesting Picture :)!!...well can;t wait to see the movie!!


Anonymous said...

Hey ANisho,

you should also check this if you haven;t already..


Anonymous said...

if john lennon was really what he was doing what he would be have been about to do what is in the picture, we would have had some really good music.

Swapnil said...

18th of March...huh?Cool.Good luc with the effects and'd be interesting to see how the final product shapes up.
Keep up the spirits!

jaris said...

Hey guys,is Paul Mc Cartney still alive?
Somebody up there metions the person in the pic as john lennon?
never mind...
bidu....i can understand ur pain of labour...don't worry u will deliver well....i hope its not Cesarean :)
We all men are with u...cmon guys
Kamal,Amit,Swap,Anna,siraj...lets help anish in pushing this movie out...
XX where ru my love?missing ur comments....
Enjoy ur sunday guys...

Anonymous said...

congrats anish,

what can i say.i guess you are married to your work.

wow!!!! lol.


jaris.been busy buddy! i have exams coming up. u r like the only one with a sense of humor on this blog. goodluck with whatever you do

kamal its a great blog you've got on AIDS in india. u have to open up the page for us to leave our thoughts on it. promise no flirtatiouzzzz or togethernezzz comments on your blog.

its been fun. got to study and spend more time catching up on my zzzzz instead of writing on this blog.


jaris said...

Hey XX

Thanks for the compliments darling..
I love u baby...
Kamal.can u plz give us the url of ur blog?
Anish, i miss the early morning coffee on sunday mornings on ur terrace kia din the woh yar.
Geetha, where r u sweety, missing ur comments on this blog,cmon tell us more abt ur self..

XX,can i get to know more abt u,what are u studying?r u from hyd?
i can help u with ur studies....

Darling,guys r getting envious abt my initiative with u,can we interact somewhere private,u and me.

Guys cmon,gimme a break im ung handsome and available unlike anish garu..
Sweety best of luck with ur exams and make the best of this life,cause we live for once...
Can we all know ur name plz?

Guys,its autumn in South Africa moving into winter,very beautiful country,anybody planning for a visit here plz be my guest.Bed and breakfast free ( only for beautiful girls)just kidding..
Bidu,make money on this film nd plan ur trip down here,maza karenege.
Hey is there a way we can all share pictures on this site?

Anybody going to the carribean to watch the world cup?

Anonymous said...

Siraj Seth kya lovy dovy giri chalra huh!!

World Cup - I might be...Not sure yet but will give more details later


Anonymous said...

hey jaris,

i was drunk when i mentioned paul as john, my bad.

my apologies.

jaris said...

Apology accepted,
who is this?

XX awaiting ur reply darling?