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Monday, April 02, 2007


alright, so yes my film is done except for the music. yep, the band watched the film yesterday and they have figured out what is pretty much needed for COF. i think. :)
so, they are going to start jamming and hopefully start recording soon.

on my part, although the film is ready, i really want to see where i can get with the music too. so looks like the first showing/private screening will be delayed by a couple of weeks. but i am really hoping its all going to be worth it. something inside me says i wont regret.

i trust the band, is going to create something truly special. i just have this feeling. and i know its going to help the film immensely.
while i can understand these new developments are tiresome, i simply want to do whats best for the film, there is no clock ticking anywhere...i want to see how far i can push things technically and creatively by not spending too much money :)

thats a tough task. but for now, its music time.


jaris said...

what does this mean Exabyssus?

bidu Is that Jackie Chan....gr8 going man...

Suman said...

Hi Anish,

Yeah it's tough time.. to relegate a good music.. wish u can do it..


chris said...

er...not every chink is jackie chan u see... well w aint called brownies are we lol..anyways thats the name o the band...n well we all set for the jam to happen.