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Sunday, March 04, 2007


yeah that article did set some emotions afloat. its been mixed. while i was shocked when i first read it, i sort of settled down later on.
more than anything, i started asking myself what this film is about? why it had to be made? what will it do? what have i really done?

its not like ramya reddy got those thought process going, i was thinking about it, but sort of left it on the backburner to focus on more pressing issues like getting the film ready.
i'm not afraid of my film. thats a strange statement to make huh? but yeah, i think your own creations sometimes could scare you...

you have to defend it through shit and all...i mean, i can understand young fathers better now :) just kidding.
what have i made a film? no wait i wont answer that. instead i will say, i made a film which is sooooooooo much like me, its not even funny. i cant get over that myself. its so much me, all the way through and JUST LIKE I WANTED it. and i am very proud of it.

biddu log and especially siraj, thanks for those wonderful hilarious comments you left for ramya. i laughed so much,my back still hurts.
at a time like this,i think of those long summers or late nights spent with you biddu log....

i remember a snapshot of images...actually a druggy-dodogy poem...

those never ending nights...
i was staring at closed shutters,i had closed thoughts.
i was on empty roads,with empty thoughts.
i'd watch a stray looking up with hope,my eyes would tear for no reason.

those never ending nights...
street lights reflecting dreams hung in the air, as my heart thuds with the uncertainity of the next day....
the uncertainity of life.

oh my heart would cry out then as i turned to go home, for the sweet comfort of the cradle....

well something like that, i'm too impatient to write anymore.



Anonymous said...

where do you get your pictures from?...I mean they are awesome!!..I almost always forget to say that!!....Without them your blog would be half alive and why did you change your blog color to black..the white was better!

jaris said...

hey bidu

the poem was good man...kiska hai...dont tell me its from
"Ramya's collection of short poems"..

Ask Kamal to share his views and thoughts on this blog,it will definitely have a good impact on readers,they will understand why an actor like kamal agreed to do this film.

Amit,ur right man the pics anish posts on this blog are awesome,goes well with his views...
Hey amit,whats latest on mithun da and his son mimmo???

Bidu,Press conference kab hai?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


I should have guessed about the pics! :)....
Nice poem!!
About the color- I would go with white simply because you are coming clean...confessing your sins!!...theme goes with your thought and context!!

Siraj Seth - Mimmo anti gravity stunts sikhra...tayar hotey ki dekh...

Anonymous said...

Hey Poet,
That was such a good one.Even your earlier ones...very thoughtful.You should maybe make a collection of all your poems--someday,when you become rich,famous and can probably publish'em.Wot say?I'll take over the US-SOUTH region rights,Amit and Pandu--North East and South Africa...well,we'll have to think abt it. abt Jaris and Ramya?lol

I actually like this shade(grey) it a much open and inviting feel.Black/White is the most commonly used blog colors....maybe,trudge along with 'grey' for a while...and see if the viewers(read:Amit) like it:).

Wot else,ppl?
Ramya--any more pointers?

kamal said...

hey biddu log :-) for all those who missed my reply on cinefolks ...(actually i was resting my star replies for the previleged few till siraj forced me to...:-) but seriously siraj this is wht is my first confession

kamal kamaraju Says:
March 3rd, 2007 at 5:55 am

hi everyone

This is kamal( actor in COFM) I have been closely following the remarks on various sites on our film’s TRAILER…I think this one is the most active of all.( it got a mention in our blog along with rajnesh domalapalli!!! )Anyway I am happy there is a begining of introspection in us..
When Anish offered me the film there were numerous nightouts..endless discussions.. tiring brainstorming sessions…before v came to understand the character that i was to potray…And then we shot for 30 long days…day by day articulating it in a way that makes it closer to reality. Now we are under post production…still articulating it…. So there is a lot of conviction behind this film.(though anish says its his state of mind and people misinterpret it as mad man’s video). His state of mind needed a story and an expresion before he put it on the canvas we call film.

Please this is not a film with a conventional hero introduction, 5 songs and 3 fights and with a interval bang. But i think devoid of these elements it has a story and has a narration style which is sincere. Whether or not this style is acceptable to the people is a choice…As far as the bad language is concerned it is an essential part of the film ..the context demands that style .we cud’nt show that character otherwise..
Anyway i think this is a good start for all the hard work …As for the Article.. criticism fosters fear…and fear fosters responsibility..and for the numerous supporting responses…i can only be happy to know that there are progressive minds…


jaris said...

Hey Kamal
That was good ..keep on writing about the film, Inceidents happened during the making of the film.
The harships u and anish faced.

Amit bhai: Shaadi ke baad life kaisa hai yar?am bit frightened to jump on this wagon...

Swap: Howz things at ur end?USA wale hari patti dediye kia?

Anna: PHd kaisa chalra?subject kia hai.

Anish : We need more trailers? whats next on this film?keep us informed

Anonymous said...


I found some info on Ramya Reddy...she has blog of herself..haha...go on ....get her arse!!

Siraj Seth--Jump on the bandwagon...its not that bad!!

Yea lets get another trailor or some pictures of the movie...

Swap - This movie has a message which is either Black or grey area ...So White!! :)......what say biddu log...and Kamal??

Anonymous said...

dear Yohan (or is it anish)

well I just wanted to say that its nice to finally put a face to the man behind the confessions. I would also like to add that you are without doubt the most handsome man I've ever seen!!!!pleeze don't take it the wrong way, I just happen to think you are HOT.

oh wait, i must write something constructive and insightful about the contents of the blog (like everybody else) right!!! your photo is part of the blog right?? so i feel like saying what i did so i said it. don't misunderstand me. i want to be your friend.

you seem to write a lot of poems. they are very beautiful and romantic. maybe i'll also get a poem from u someday soon.

your friend

Anonymous said...

hey biddu log,

can i have a vote on the blog colour.
swaps says grey
amit says white
pandu?siraj? and kamal? and hima? is there a biddu i'm missing here?


Anonymous said...

hi anish

i am hurt. i am not part of your biddu blog. i understand. i didn't think you will misunderstand.

am i your friend? i can only hope to be....maybe i think no.


Anonymous said...

i love u... pleeeze don't deny me....


venkata said...

oh gawd!!

Cant imagine i lost so much of action. anyway i am a regular reader of this blog. but i was busy with other stuff couldn't read it for a week now.

first, i appreciate the girl ripping you apart. if she is showing some resistance that means you got what you aiming. you have already got the biggies of telugu industry thinking. hope some more people see your trailer.

if i can include myself : let us send some sleepless nights to the so called pillars of telugu film industry.

have you checked the site:

Anonymous said...

Mr. Anish garu,
My name is Gita and I am 22. I goes to callage in Osmania.My hobies are reading,dance,sing,seeing cenima. I have friends tell me I am beutiful, to be a heroine.I want to be with director like you make who make different type movie. Storyline must be very good to act for me.Where can I send potos and biodata.I have much pasion for cenima as you do.

Anonymous said...

hey hotty,

i think i like white...there is no profound reasoning for it...i just liked the way it looked....but grey looks kind of sleek.... its up to you....


jaris said...


whats happening on this blog?
Guys discussing the background colour of this webpage.
XX flirting with Anish...Abey saley stop writing these poems,gals are falling for it..

Gita darling, who goes to callage..trying to promote herself as an actress..
Good work Geeta..keep on trying ..why dont u speak to Ramya Reddy She is a very good friend of mine.

Guys, i like the way the blog is,Black or white, gray or red doesnt make a difference. What does is the content.
What we want to see is more active participation ( Eg Ramya Reddy)Anish,Whats next on the movie.More news and views about movies.About COAFM - About Kamal's views on telugu cinema.
About NRI views and their perspective on the kind of cinema they want to watch.
new marketing techniques,New concepts in cinema.
Guys plz use this platform to share ur views,analyse,praise,criticise movies.

Guys, can we discuss few good movies made in telugu.Last night was watching this movie called
Na Autograph Sweet memories, I definitely know its a remake of Malyalam movie, but it was an amazing depiction of emotions on the celluloid.
Anyway...XX i will not deny u, plz love me, i do write poems..
Not that good looking as Anish,yeah close resemblance to Mohan Lal of Malyalam cinema.

Aur kia bidu log?

Anonymous said...

Nice to see so much activity.Anish,one post a day wud be awesome.I check the blog almost on a daily basis now.Wutz happening on the movie front--cutting a new trailer?Wot news?
Also--have you thought abt the effect 'world cup' will have on the release/publicity of 'COF'?You might have to time everything accordingly.

Siraj--watch 'khosla ka ghosla'..its a very nicely made movie.You may find it on 'you tube'/'google video' as well.

Pandu: kahan hain tu?

Amit bro: Nishabdh is good...huh?

Kamal: Good summary,maan.Good luc!

Purna: Hi!


venkata said...

hi siraj,

what about the promise for giving me ads. you dint came back to me on that front


Anonymous said...

Swaps has a great point..please be sure to time it well and just liek he said this blog has become a part of my daily routine.

Dude have you worked on the withoutabox account....let me know as soon as you do...

Color of the blog - WHITE WHITW WHITE!!!...content does matter but the right color enhances the theme appropriately!!

xx kaun hai miya?...kahi Jonnalagadda Ravi ya ANil bhai to nahi hai :D


Anonymous said...

i love you people.


kamal said...

we have orkut for get togetherzzz and flirtationzzz....

parents watched this film called okkadunnadu of one of my favourite director.chandrasheker yelleti. they did'nt like it at a personal level. i am yet to see it to discuss any thing of it. If anyone happend to watch it plz leave an insight of how you felt. And anish u telling people of the latest development of the film? i mean the dubbing is hapenin as of now. wht it would do to the movie i think anish will be able to express it more through his images and i leave it to him.


Anonymous said...

Hello Jaris,
Plz don't make light of my feelings for Anish. Ever since I saw him I wanted to be his friend only, please don't misunderstand me when I say he is HOT. I am a happily married woman, but can't I think someone is handsome without being misunderstood. Since you are his friend, can you please tell me where he lives....he has asked me to stop calling him so I want to go and see him in person to say sorry. I think he is misunderstanding me. please help me with this.


Anonymous said...


thank you for saying you love me.
i'm happy we can be friends now. I knew you would understand me.


Anonymous said...

You are right kamal. if I had known anish had an orkut page I would've just written to him there. I guess only his close friends know that he even has a page up. he likes to keep the rest of us at a distance.

I'll stop bothering him now. somethings are never meant to be.
i'm tired of all the things that are hidden from me and this one sided relationship anyway. I have kids and a family to think of.

goodluck with your movie.


jaris said...

Hey XX

Im sorry for making fun of ur feelings.
Anish lives in Chintal basti,plot 42,Kotha Peta near old water tank,opposite kallu compund,The lane beside vennella Junior college,Take right from Gandhi wine shop,from the main road u will see NTR statue,carry on straight till u get into narrow gravel road, ask anybody there about anish garu...
U owe me for this...
Best of luck with ur family life.
Geeta darling where r u?
Can u plz tell me how strong ur passion is for the movies,Actually im in the process of scripting a story to be made into full length feature film, with 5 songs 8 fight sequence,3 bed scenes,2 rain shots,1 foreign location.
Will u be intereste?
Swap: I did watch KKG here in SA,first day first show man.
Lovely movie,reminds me of basu da's movies.
Amit, kaiku colour ke peeche pada hai bhai....
Anna: we miss ur comments
Nishcala: Aunty,I'm not yet ready with the concept of the design, will definitely get back to u.

sorry Anish, i had to let the cat out....
Guys,Nischala has done an amzing job....she is a very pretty girl..

Anonymous said...

hey hey hey.. jaris...

be nice.... I was just blinded for a moment by your friend's charming looks... :)

geez...every time i want to write something my kid starts to cry...

any how...thanks for letting me know where he lives... I think its right next to my house.... I live in the apartment above the wine shop.. in fact my husband runs the pan shop right next to it...

its all just time pass... looking at hot guys... in fact isn't that the whole point of movies... just a time pass... and for most of you guys there is a lot of eye candy (women in very little clothing) on the screen...but then men make the movies....

maybe its time women made more movies with eye candy for us on screen.... god knows the women of Andhra are really scrapping at the bottom of the barrel here to find good looking guys on screen and off... maybe if I ever make a movie, i'll go to bombay to find the 'hero' of my cinema...and use gita as the heroine... and of course i will expect total involvement of my artists while shooting...we will be a great big family for months on end and they must ignore their real families.... after all thats what the film world is all about.... making movies of never ending love and wonderful ideal family values while all along the people who tell these stories are the ones who will never understand what it means to give time to their loved ones and family... :)

plz don't misunderstand....

thanks for all your help.... hey wait jaris... are you good looking??? maybe i'll cast you against gita in my movie...

I'm going to have 10 songs... 8 fights and absolutely no story...sound like your everyday tollywood/bollywood blockbuster right??? WRONG!!! my movie is going to be VERY DIFFERENT... bcuz you (the hero) will be dancing in the rain for every song (depending on how goodlooking you are) and the heroine is going to be warm and dry inside a house watching you... :) what say you jaris??

if you're interested.. i'll let you know where to send your photos and biodata......

take care buddy...