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Thursday, March 15, 2007

2nd trailer coming up

my second trailer should be up and running around midnight. around 3 hours from now. will log back in later to provide the link.

ciao for now.


Swapnil said...

Lookin fwd to it,dude!

So,is everything running on schedule?18th March?

Anonymous said...

just saw the promo2. the supers are too good. it's good to see that you've bleeped the ****'s. as long as we know what is being said, few are words are better left unsaid. obviously, for practical reasons.


Anonymous said...

Can yu provide link to promo2. Can't wait

Anonymous said...

I saw the promo 2...and I think i like it.... picture quality is not that good!


Anonymous said...

Where the heck is the link to the video?
Amit bro---kahan pe dekha tu?

Anonymous said...

OK...figured it out myself.
To anyone whoz still waiting for the link,here you go:


Anonymous said...

looking forward to the trialer re....jaldi laga


Anonymous said...

Its OK.I like the first trailer better....its more hard hitting.

Agree with Amit--video qlty is quite rugged....but again,maybe,it is supposed to be that way.

What i like in both,though,is--the editing--i like the shots and the transitioning.

ps:Pandu...i have pasted the link above.Copy-paste it in your browser or go to 'anishtube' on and look for all his videos---choose 'Promo 2'.

chandler said...

eff this shyt. amazing reality. but you guys got framing issues on the trailers. the weird camera angles suck.

looking forward for your movie though.

good luck.