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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

so far so good

so yeah, im on, and
i couldnt have asked for more right now. the feedback coming has been very encouraging and its only made my desire stronger....the desire to get this film a legitimate release.

everyone around me thinks thats as far-fetched as reaching the moon. i see their point, and i am a very practical guy. but something tells me, this film will be watched. watched by the general public. yeah. i dont know...its like an instinct almost...

the hurdles and problems ahead are so fairly obvious, yet, i can picture this film playing in a hall.
is this what happens to every film-maker on his first film?

while my writing on the blog has decreased over the days, i urge new readers coming to check archives. they will get you a good idea of how all of this came into being...


Anonymous said...

anish....ur ad was giving me headache because of the random words giving that popping effect...other than that...we will wait for the movie to come out

Anonymous said...

I am eagerly awaiting the movie more so because I feel if you pull this single-character movie off convincing on why you are right, without making it a hour-long-bitching-spectacle, you have pretty much made it to the top. Also, I love this blog - gives a pretty good insight to the trials and tribulations of going on with a radical thought. Wish it gave more insight but I can see that you get too tired everyday. My best wishes for your movie and future.

nixstor said...

I can't agree more with the other 2 folks. Either the trailer was too intellectual for me or it was too short for me to understand what you are trying to say. I read your old web logs and its blatant that you are trying to solve the legacy issue we have in the telugu film industry.
Wait a sec, Do you think that, even if these legacy name sake heroes rub themselves on us, do you think it will work, do you think people will finally give up and watch them for their incessant attempts? Either they have to improve ( some of them did improve far better than what they were when they came into the industry ) or they have to bow out when they feel that enough is enough (there are people who are in this category too)

Is your point about movies being made by people who have the money with their children? Hell yeah! A parent has every right to do what he thinks is good for his child and what interests him. If thats what their interests are What is that we gotta say about it?

Going back to the Ffff'isms your protagonist uttered in the 2 minute trailer, I was like what?? Are you kidding me? Are you trying to change the film culture? Kudos to you if thats what you are trying to attempt. IMHO, its the inherent nature of the film industry. I mean lust is all over every film industry. Tollywood -> Bollywood -> Hollywood. Its the gossiping that is held at higher level of abstractions as the range of cinema goes up. I am sure you are aware of all this and thats why I am a bit intrigued about what you are trying to do. You want to make the truth more obvious to the layman (or) You want to rip off all the crooks on a one hr show (or) you just want to show people that there are many people who hope to be a part of the industry but are not becoming eventually.

While I was going through one of your blog, you opined that the film industry was screwed up pretty much after NTR & ANR area. That directly contradicts your legacy / inheritance / carrying the mantle questions.

Any ways enough of my blabber. ciao and good luck in your endeavors

Anonymous said...

firstly I have to appreciate ur GUTS I liked the trailer..or shall I say I am more intrigued to know the whole of it. All I can do is wish you whole heartedly that this movie be cleared by censor, and make it to the cinema halls. I wish you all the luck and will be waiting for your movie.

PS: If you cant release it in India try releasing it abroad like in US. That'll be great...

Srikanth said...

Great Blog dude.. today is the first time i'm looking it at.. Great postings... I also have one.. but u r the professional dude...! Eagerly looking forward to watch the film... plz intimate b4 its release..!

Anonymous said...

Hi Anish,

Firstly, CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU, MAN!!! It's an effing fantastic effort - and hope it pays off. Curious to know what Sekhar Kammula has said re the movie. Will wait for your post on that.

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Looking forward to hearing from you,

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P.V.Krishna said...

hey anish,This is PV krishna,I was with you at both HPS(R) and also LFJC.Cool man! We are proud of you all of the HPS guys and LFJC guys here in US who are in touch with me. I saw the link to the trailer in I will be eagerly waiting for the film.ya we need a break from these monotonous telugu films, a film that can be bold,true to life and one that is told in a very interesting manner.Trailer looks promising.I have noted that such genuine attempts in the past failed to make an impact like sekhar's dollar dreams just because narration is a little bit slow while nagesh kukunoor's hyd.blues is a success because of fast paced narration.I hope everything came out well in your maiden project.I wish old buddy all the best.I f u still didin't remember me I was in f section with you probably only guy in lfjc with you in ur class who is also from hps r and also in foot ball a field.Right now I am working as a phyisician in Milwaukee,wisconsin after finishing my residency.say Hai to Vakil too.You must be in touch with email is luck anish

Anonymous said...

hey anish,
I've been reading your blog for quite sometime....I watched the trailer....nice one though the quality was deprecated because of the internet....One thing is for sure....U have the guts....the caption, "soon to be banned" in ur trailer was good but believe me it wont be banned....waiting for more....

---- Aalay