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Sunday, February 25, 2007


I didnt anticipate such a reduction in sound and picture quality on the web. But it cant be helped it seems. So i have tried to upload one more with a marked difference in technical quality.
Let me know..

meanwhile i have been overwhelmed with the response so far and demands for more cuts. i am working on it...meanwhile I realise its time to update my blog...

p.s follow this link to the better quality trailer


Anonymous said...

The sound quality is much better now.We can clearly hear what the character is saying.
Try and maintain the same parameters when you cut the next trailer.

Anonymous said...

Trialer is good but except one word
Please change the word dengithunnadu as Padukonnadu or Dobbichchukunnadu.
Anish you have very bright future.please should not promote Utter words


Rakesh said...

hey mama ........

the trailer is simply unbelievable...

loved it...

when are u planning to release it ?
i think if the movie is to b censored then the flavour of the movie will go missing.......

Raju said...

Anish..Trailer evokes lot of interest.Expecting the same in the movie as well.
Small Suggestion-everyone knows that Film industry is a shit but for that no need to use telugu f*** word so much. Pls change it to something as gopi said will increase the viewership..
Also however we all are anyway clever enough to understand the literal meaning of it:)
Waiting for the 2nd trailer.
Last but not least--Hatsoff to your new way of thinking/filmaking

swaroop said...

nice try u'll get this through censor board... but kudos 4 ur bravery man...
hopin to see this atleast online if not in mainstream...

Rajesh Segu said...

Hi Anish, The movie is soo compelling me to get back to those lovely young days. Every step had failure and every moment was unforgettable but a simple word "hope" made the difference. We might surely be in different worlds but we belong to the same breed, so dont loose "hope", everyone has their turn. All the best!!

Coming to this trailer. Simple natural and expressive. The point would be well taken, no one to stop you, we the audiance always welcome creative directors like you. We mean it!!

Just keep going!!!

Rajesh Segu

Anonymous said...

i saw ur video(trailer)
it was nice but the camera jerks were a bit awkward i think u can over come it in next one
all the best