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Friday, December 01, 2006

cof day 3

tough day, didnt get any better at all. started off reasonably well with the cafe scenes. but when had moved onto the next one, the performance wasnt happening,the dynamism was missing.
and thats it, my mind went blank and i drove around looking for inspiration, and founs some to shoot for the musical montage.

overall a day as bad as yesterday. did some re-thinking about the screenplay. wont be doing any scenes tomorrow. instead will be focusing on some vital link footage.
need to sleep. need to get over my growing onsecurities. the end product is always flashing in my mind. at 30% right now.
sigh....hope tomorrow will be better. a start of a new month and better fortunes and energy hopefully.
packed up 3 hours before scheduled. thats how lost i was.

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