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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

cof day 2

it has been the most dissatisfying and testing day so far. i was already exhausted even before we started. i think the lack of sleep caught up with me. i cant take my fat body for granted anymore. fuck it man.
we started on time. and headed off to satyam theatre where we canned shots. i was pleased with the result, but wanted more so we headed towards imax. the result was...i think average. something inside me is dis-satisfied.
with no more pucca plans, we headed to medhcal to can scenes for the musical montage. again was not particularly happy.
overall a hard reality checking day. have promised myself to be better focussed tomorrow.
will get back to the script, i have lofty ambitions of shooting 2 scenes perfectly and maybe, just maybe re-shoot one of todays scenes.
lets see. i think i want more from my actor, i dont know if he is delivering, i can only judge when i get to see the results on the edit later this week.

oh the bright spot , were some comments made by sudhir mishra on the state of indian cinema, so much of what he said is in my movie (i think). that sort of helped me.

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