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Sunday, December 17, 2006

day 16&17

as i write this blog today i am reminded about how lonely the job of a film-maker is. yes,lonely. its your baby and only you can bring it to life. hopefully you have given it enough to survive.
anyways,more on that maybe some other day. the past 2 days have been frustrating and fullfilling at the same time. the first day was all about a wildgoose chase for sleazt posters. to my luck there werent too many around,however the second part of the day brightened up with some good shots.
day 2 was better with me being able to can all that i wanted by mid-day. yes that was a nice feeling. have watched 2 movies these past 2 days, khatarnak and kabul xpress. less said the better.
i move into this week knowing that it will be the last one of shooting, unless i get some bright idea or unless i have trouble with other casting or locations. while i pray it will be my last week of shooting, i also hate the thought of not getting up to shoot everyday. my guess is that i will do so regardless of whether i need an actor.
anyways. let me leave you with some images from the last 2 days, as i prepare to shutdown, have lots of things on my mind right now..

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