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Monday, December 18, 2006

cof day 18

ok for the first time i realise this shoot is coming to an end. i hate it. i dont know what to do once i'm done shooting this week. or maybe it will go on. i dont want it to go on, i dont have the money, but i do want it to go on, cus it gives my days some reason, life some path. hmm..
well i should be done with my lead actors main scenes in a day or so, after which i will hopefully be able to do other work with supporting actors.however there hasnt been much movement on that end. i hate looking at my finished script, what did i set out to do, will i get what i always intended. am i just making something inconsequential.
as these thoughts rack my head.... i look for some inner power to guide me.

maybe there is a larger,better or maybe even good purpose for my endeavour so far...or then maybe not...

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