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Monday, December 04, 2006

cof day 4,5&6

sorry but i have been crazy ass tired or lazy or both at the same time. i should be more discplined and blog daily. i promise myself to do that from tomorrow.
anyways, let me quickly summarise day 4-we did some pretty daring on the road interaction with the public and met with mixed response. satisfying. but not really what i will need.
day 5- this was also some on the road interaction with a different,probably more provocative response. i remember being too ass tired at the end of the day. i was doing all of this simply to avoid doing the actual hardcore scenes which i had been failing at the past 2 days including this one. will elaborate later or maybe not.
day 6 (today)- WITHOUT A DOUBT THE BEST DAY OF SHOOTING. MY HERO CAME ALIVE AND GAVE A FAB PERFORMANCE WHICH WILL BE REMEMBERED AND WHICH WILL FORM THE FOUNDATION OF MY FILM. man caps locks are daunting. also memorable for the day trip to nag sagar with beer etc. see you guys tom we start at lunch.

am looking fwd to the first break in a week this wednesday.swaps ki shaadi horri!

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