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Sunday, November 05, 2006

the lead actor

like i mentioned in my previous post, i was going to meet my main lead actor today. before i continue i must mention,this has been an eventful day. a lot of things have come around very well.
most importantly my own internal debate which i started myself today morning, and then later with my 1st AD and now with my main lead actor.
wait a minute, let me be a little more clear before i proceed.
i have had an internal debate for a while now about the need to make PROJECT TC. yes i have no doubt now in my mind that it must be made. while i am not completely sure about how my mentor feels about the, the couple of people who are in on the project strongly support my desire to make this film.
am i just being vengful for every bad experience i have had. maybe or maybe not, but cannot be denied is that this film must be made. and that is enough to motivate me towards the greater good of making this film.
now coming back to my actor. at this point it wont be smart for me to detail too much, but he is someone i have come to know and like over a period of time and i have always thought of him for this role. luckily for me, he matches my vibe. he is among all of us on the team, the guy who will stand to loose the most if the movie is a sensation (which i know it will be).
readers probably are wondering, what the hell is this bugger even talking about, isnt he going around circles and not taking us anywhere.

yes i am. for my own safety and the projects.
until later.

my best wishes are with me. cheerio.;

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fallingwaters said...

i dnt really know how your film will shape up but by far actors are not for loosing anything in context to image. sadly it is only here in our telugu films that we not yet got rid of this image factor. like how one fairly said that actors are like donkeys. they do wht they are supposed to do and doing it creatively is a good actors forte. Amir wud be called dignified enuf to not ask an extended part in Rang de basanti. similarly superstars like amitabh and and sanjay dut etc have started loving being called themselves actors rather than HEROES or SIDE Heroes. if your lead actor is a newcomer i wish him all the best and if it is a renowned actors i wud say hatsoff.