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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

c.o.f day 1

terrible start to the day. was at the studio on the dot at 7,but had to wait a good 3 hours before i could get started. the camera assistant and the tapes we needed never turned up. i almost decided to cancle shooting for the day.
but my patience paid off in the end.

we finally assembled at my place at 1030 and began shooting. and boy was it tough going, we didnt stop until 2pm. we made like 20 takes for the complex intro shot of the hero. and i must admit, i had moments of self doubt right through, sometimes i would cringe at my dialogue and at other times i didnt like the way i was shooting it. kamal had a lot of work to do. we all sweated in out. by 415pm i decided we had enough and ventured out in the car to can one more scene. which went better than i thought it would.
so to sum it up. was an unpleasant start to a rough day, i am somewhat satisfied, but i am also confident i will feel better as the days roll by. i need to keep the focus.
kamal is staying over since we have an early start tomorrow. and it should be tougher than today. too tired to write more. need to work on the script.
bye for now.

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