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Monday, November 06, 2006

gut feeling and mentors

my gut feeling is my mentor feels this project is foolhardy. granted it is. it is the most insane thing. remember i questioned myself, i question myself again.
yes this film must be made. it will be made. and it will be seen and lambasted by the telugu film press and the industry and i will be banished for life.
but then i would have won.
i want to proove my deepest fears wrong. i want to proove to myself that this is worth the effort.
a message for my lead actor, the more i think of the subject, the more its dawning on me that the story will run on your shoulders and performance. i think i might have made a mistake of assuming that this film will have two clear halves. what is emerging from my thought process is that,this will have two colours. i will explain later.let me keep thinking

cheerio. my best wishes are with me.

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