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Friday, November 24, 2006

confessions of a filmmaker

alright then. its been a while since i updated this blog. i have been busy writing my screenplay,which is pretty much done with right now.
i am ecstatic and nervous, because the time has come now to make the movie. i plan on starting next week. i cant believe i am finally doing it.

yes people, i am making a movie. to start with, i have to say this, i have been damn lucky to get a crew who understand and support me pretty quickly. and better still, someone has agreed to lend me their camera and edit suite free of cost until i make some money (if i do) from this film.

lots of things have been happening simultaneously, i dont think i will do justice to my feelings by trying to write any of them. importantly, i am making the film. its going to be a low key affair,experimentative...lets see how it goes. phew
what else, oh yeah, i am extremely happy with the way the script has turned out, its defineltely original and thought provoking. its also provacative and debatable. all this on the script level.narrative feedbacks have been very encouraging. and i am thrilled with my choice of music.

ofcurse because of the sensitive nature of the subject matter, i wont elaborate further right now. but i must say this....

i know how a kamikaze pilot feels. he's either going to come out looking stupid or a hero.
for my sake i hope its the latter.

my good wishes are with me. cheerio for now.
am preparing for a rehearsal this sunday at home.


p.s i am more confident than the image attached above :)

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