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Friday, April 27, 2007

tossed around

with hardly anytime left until the 9th of may, i see myself being asked to re-schedule my own final mix, to accommodate everyone else at the studio..
so i have no option but to work at nights, or when the engineer is too tired to do anything about the mix...

this is too tiring and stressful and is really getting on my nerves. i have no option left now but to pack my tracks and find another studio...
time is of the essence, and suddenly no one seems to have it for me...


Anonymous said...

Hang on,bud!Patience is the key...dont stress yourself out with the release date...

Worst case,have an "online" music release on the 9th:)...followed by the film's release....howzz dat?

kick the a####!!!

Amit said...

Hang in there bud...btw the pics from the jam sessions, studio recording and music video are awesome! u'v pretty much captured the mood of those moments

Anonymous said...


Dont' hang on but get going. Push yourself and ur tracks and do let them try to beat you down.

it is darkest before light
good luck, annesh.

bangima said...

I have been postponing this message for a while. . . but I wnated to get it out before your movie released. . .so here it goes!

Best of luck! This is a very commendable effort. I never quite realised how serious you really were about your "message". YOu are goddamn serious. I am quite upto date regarding independent films in india and elsewhere. .and you keep popping up from time to time ( almost everytime now a days). I find it a little amusing that through put my childhood ( and yours) i always knew you as a big, big hearted, happy go lucky, dog lover. . . with your dogs making the dog shows and all that jazz. I learnt from other friends from schools about your days in Nizams and suddenly saw you churn out a decent performance as a telugu boy with $dreams!!. . then came the movie that tasted like coffee and the rest ( pardon the cliche) is history!
I am movie buff myself ( i have an uneventful blog that merely celebrates the movies i watch at . greace with your comments at your leisure!)
I am curious to see how this recent adventure turns out. . while it is obvious that you have taken a rather militant stance regarding ideological obstruction and the rape of originality rather seriously. . i am still searching for clues in all this. . .it seems pleasently abstract and it is angst ridden. . .will the weight of emotions overshadow the objective of the story. . I am quite ready for the answers. .when is it out. . .i am in the states. . .so how can i see it? lemme know.. . \
a break a leg Dawg!. . stick it to the man!! just do it. . .and nike will follow later!!!
Srini ( Phani- yellows- sat next you in school for years). . just so you know. .Ashant, A. Pavan and a host of the other boys you studied with are rooting for you !
Once again
GOOD LUCK-- not that you need any.. .but anyways ;-)