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Monday, April 09, 2007

the times of india article

The times of india did an article on me today. And boy am I being made to feel bad about it. (will post a link as soon as there is one, or will scan)

Apparently there is no need for all this angst and no need for such debate.And maybe there wasn't any need for this movie. I shouldn't be messing around with the holy grail of telugu cinema, I shouldn't be dooming myself. right?

Its not going to be an easy day out for me today.


K said...

Some one has to take those truths to the world. Hope your confessions will reach every one. Just, no second thought about the need for this movie !!

Anonymous said...

as i said in my earlier post, be it times/the hindu/hindustan time or anything else., what is the truth is the truth, who the hell are they, the press, to say that this is not right or this is right, press, their job is to enlighten the people of the society of all good/bad and ugly, things happening around in the country., come on journalists, lets be progressive.