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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

the poster

well its a sample.not yet final.but i am using it as a flyer, putting it up on windshields,handing it to joggers etc.


Swapnil said...

Looks neat....i like it.

How abt pasting it behind our friendly Autos?Majority of autos are rented on a daily basis.If you catch hold of someone running an auto-rental may get more visibility.

Dont forget the coffee shops/IT/Hi- Tech city crowd.They are the ones who would most likely form a receptive audience.

Also,see if you can get hold of these telugu,maharashtrian etc associations...generally,they run a group emails now-a-days....more ppl will be aware of 'COF' one mail.

Do send me an advt./.jpg...which i can send to some Indian Students Associations here...was the president of such association in my school....may as well get some mileage there.When to do it...timing....etc is for you to decide....prolly,when you put it out best case,you have a US release:)))

Howz the music coming along?Do update your blog with pics, makes interesting reading...while 'COF' stays fresh in the mind as well.


Anonymous said...

Love it!!


Prakash Raghavapudi said...

Photo conveys a personality of self implied calmness with the mountaneous strom with in .

God gone CraZy said...

Looks neat..and I agree with ~swap on forwarding to associations...Been following the progress regularly and would love to be of help in your publicity campaign if you have no can mail me the jpg at sumanojchakradhar at yahoo dot com ... can forward it to my colleagues and mates from engg... am one of the so called Hi-tech city crowd...

best wishes to you...


Suman said...


Incredible job... "Dum Hain Poster Mein.." Pl do post the freezed image in the blog.. excited to view da same..


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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