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Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Steven Spielberg 'Joke' I Found On The Net.

Steven Spielberg dies and goes to heaven, and St. Peter says, "Oh, Mr Spielberg, we're so happy you're here. God has a very important assignment for you; we need you to make a movie. You can have your choice of anyone you want. Shakespeare can write the script; Michelangelo can paint the set; Mozart can write the music." Spielberg says, "What would be my compensation?" St. Peter says, "You can meet anyone you want.” Spielberg says, "I want to meet Stanley Kubrick. I was such a big fan, I never got to meet him, and I made A.I. because of my admiration for his work." St. Peter says, "Unfortunately, no one gets to meet Stanley Kubrick." As he says that, in the distance, Stanley Kubrick rides past on a bicycle. Steven says, "Whadya mean? That's Stanley right there! On the bike!" St. Peter says, "No, that's God pretending to be Stanley Kubrick."

True, so true. Sigh. I kneel before you sir.


Prash said...

Stanley Kubrick aa.. edhi naa wikipedia

srujan said...

when your readers can have a flash of your new project here? today i have watched AB in Ztv----
this comment's window gives me a lot of place, so want to write something about Avakai here, what evr comng here is purely genuine with out any intent.

The Heroin moving to new village and hero introduction and Village introduction are looked like very normal, and the locations village etc are not like bigger than life, they just reflected as a normal village, but in some parts of the movie locations are good. The transit of Heroin starts liking Hero also not so great and i thought it was quick and justification of Heroin liking Hero is little less,

now when the Hero's try to fight for the village from there the movie has actually got its pace and the whole scenes afterwards are really awsome, I started feeling good and feeling very good when the movie is progressing, for the auto race bet my hair straightnd for a minute, very genuinly not flattering or boosting...this movie has got every thing to became a good hit movie, it was very nicely and simple way of telling a big thing...I really really liked a lot, the point i am want to make here is its a good movie, a directors talent will reflect in Actors action and their show in the movie, Not even one character's action in the movie is below in line, every one acted well that itself shows your capability, Heroes friends really acted well, Dialogues are good, subject is good, the weakness of the movie mostly come here is the film confined to low budget, songs should have been in high visuals but again depends on budget,.
I really liked Kamal's action in this movie he did 150%, but this movie has been a good success if this was with a popular cast, only advantage it should have got is the openings, wen the people sees it through word of mouth it should have became a big movie because any one sees this movie cannot say a boring or not a good movie, but casting is low so it was not helpfull in bringing the audncs,
Another reason mostly is Through Amigos people expectation is on a different note, this movie is actually differed to previous films, I my self when i saw the Promo, first i saw the name, immediatly i got this movie looks like different and interesting but after seeing the casting i thought its a very low budgt film...

all this is a my openion from low mind compared to you, but just want to express...

To conclude what i have to say its like Operation failed but Patient saved...really movie may have done or not but i am sure you have really well passed as a Director and actors really passed as actors.
P.S this is a genuine intent or seeking behind this..

Anish Kuruvilla said...

Hi Srujan,
Very sweet of you to take the time and write about how you felt about the movie. Your criticism and observation are very good. I appreciate it. Yes, its anybody guess why Avakai didnt get what it probably deserved. I am trying to not repeat some of those mistakes with my next project. Lets see, this time I need some luck and well wishes of the audience. Fingers crossed.
meanwhile, do spread the word about Avakai, I'd like as many people as possible to see it and hopefully have some positive impressions of a movie, which was made with a lot of tender loving care.


srujan said...

Sir, Sure a good movie will always gets it share any time, and people will remeber it for days. BTW i am the same guy following you in twitter as @viswamantha. I am very much influenced by you...

Jatin said...

could say the same thing about hitchcock