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Monday, May 24, 2010

'Look into your heart'...I see Millers Crossing.

Millers Crossing-A Coen brothers classic. The tale revolves around two warring gangsters in the prohibition era. Tom Regan played by Gabriel Byrne is a second in command to a lead gangster Leo (Albert Finney). Double crosses, an affair with the boss's girl, being beaten up every second day, all comes in a days work for Tom Regan, a true noir ani hero. His loyalties suspect, he moves to the other side, working with rival gangster Casper. What are the angles in the story? What is the play? Makes for an intruiging piece of cinema. With a music score that seems to go against the grain of the film, it builds on you hauntingly over time. Beautifully shot by Barry Sonnenfield. Wonderful black humour and violence that comes from nowhere, really gut wrenching stuff.

This movie a True Classic Coen brothers film. Terrific craft, story telling and acting.

Watch! You will doff your hat off to it. This a film made my masters of the cinema.

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