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Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Food We Eat Is The Person We Are.....

Do we really ever take the time to sit back and think about what we eat. Food Inc is a very insightful documentary on the American food industry and how it has manipulated our food habits over the past 50 years. Why should farm grown vegetables be more expensive than a can of soda or a hamburger. How many calories and ...transfat is actually in all the fast food our young generation is consuming. We all need to have a second look at everything we eat. Our forefathers 50 years ago, definetely lived longer and healthier. Where are we going wrong? I think its more relevant for us in India, now that there has been a deluge of American products. Have we sat down to think about all those poultry farms and meat farms in the outskirts of our city, how are they treating the animals, what sorts of hormones they feed them gets into our system. Very very interesting and informative stuff.We in India also need to take an initiative. Lets try and support the
local farmer/butcher/poultry guy. Lets make the move to true organic
food grown locally. Makes you want to make that effort to eat healthy and more importantly make sure the generation after you is healthier. I feel strongly about this. Take the time to watch this fantastic documentary.

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