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Friday, May 28, 2010

Conservation Cove

In one word what do a documentaries want to achieve? CHANGE. another word. SPREAD. yet another. KNOWLEDGE. and another AWARENESS.

The Cove achieves all of this and more. An absolutely stunning piece of vigilante documentarism, its sole aim to bring to light to the world the INHUMAN way in which dolphins are massacred by the japanese fishing industries for meat and recreational purposes.
Its amazing what one can achieve if you get the right kind of people in your team. The documentary follows a group of individuals who all come together to highlight this problem. It has its share of suspense, crime and thrilling moments. But more than all that, it will simply change the way you think about FISH the next time you eat it. And your respect for the beloved DOLPHIN will grow manifold.

I have so much respect for animal conservationists and environmental conservationists. Their passion for nature, the ocean and animals who cant defend themselves against human cruelty is so INSPIRING. What a life some of these characters in this documentary have lived. Every child, every adult. Every human being who has ever thought about conservation or not, must watch this documentary. Thats how important this is.

This documentary shows, how powerful a visual medium is. It brought change, across the world! WOW.

Just Mindblowing stuff. Watch!


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