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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lovely Looking Film

Lovely Bones- Directed by Peter Jackson. The movie has the most beautiful special effects you could ever see. What can be more challenging for a vfx guy than being asked to create heaven, or in this case the middle world, filled with heaven bound spirits and dreamy imagery. The challenge for the vfx team is to create that highway to heaven that a soul needs to travel. So gorgeous to look at. Am really sad I didn't get to watch this visual spectacle on the big screen. Once again. Simply Gorgeous to look at. Only Peter Jackson's head could have come up with all that imagery. Magical.

When we come to the story though. It starts off with a very interesting premise. A girl dies. She's murdered and raped by a neighbour. Her parents are naturally devastated with the tragedy. Her father however is driven to find answers, to help him, his daughters soul lends a hand, showing him-telling him, where the answers lie. But time is running out. For the girl and the father.

The rest of the story is about how the girl has to make a choice of getting her soul to heaven or helping her father find the killer who is lurking in their own neighbourhood. A good one hour of the film really hooks you with the story telling, but it gets a little tame towards the end, and a very  un-fulfilling climax. The screenplay could've been better I suppose. Regardless still a good watch.

There is so much to learn from the masters of the trade.sigh.


The Ketchup Girl said...

My thoughts exactly Anish. A visually captivating film, though got a little lame towards the end. I wanted a different ending to that looked too easy. he cant just die like that. But the director had to stick to the original screenplay/book. The book is a fantastic read.

*~\[ Yuga ☼ Sunshine ]/~* said...

Yup! It was so beautifully done. I saw it on my iPad during shoot breaks. :)