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Monday, April 19, 2010

some more Russian love..

Let's talk about this magical film ...

This love and tenderness ...
This is a movie that true name - happiness ...

Avakai Biryani


Tried to make a review without spoilers ...
What a charming movie!!!!!  That's it! Film without a fight and blood, with a huge heart! Great and good! Which is just hugs, charms and instantly changes the viewer, making it more kindly. 

God, what a movie! I'm just on emotion (vocabulary ended). I want to make something good (it is the power of art!), But I fear that in the second half of the night of my impulses goodness no one will appreciate.

In the second part of the movie i weep. Not because it's a drama or something hard. And because it just takes a soul, that it was impossible not to weep

Plot ... Meow! Moore! Mmmmm for scholars, of course, is not productive review… J But, my God! What a movie! Oh, I already say that? Amazing story! Every minute, every moment of the film - a masterpiece! It's incredible! One of my favorite movies, which immediately, from the first frame burst into my list of masterpieces, gave all smiles and cramped by other
Im as many people who dont like to watch a movie with unknown actors. Always start with cautiously.
Here and there was a case ... But!


Kamal Kamaraju.  I liked. Very charming. While it may be, the case in the character

Bindu Madhavi - I liked Kamal Kamaraj I liked. Very charming. While it may be, the case in the character

Bindu - I liked identically. Although ...
 ... Although it's difficult to talk about these two actors separately. They liked me together. So get all natural, emotionally ... if it is not a film - and life. Here they live, and we - sluchanye witnesses of their lives ... Although ...

... Although it's difficult to talk about these two actors separately. They liked me Pts together. So get all natural, emotionally ... if it is not a film – this is life. Here they live, and we - witnesses of their lives ..
 Generally ... The film is a masterpiece!


Kinya, I know that you like it! A lot of emotions after viewing, really J? I stayed in a wild delight after seeing! Simple no shaded feelings ... harmony of life paints ... as we say - all brilliant - easy! And this movie too much proof!

It is suuuuuch a romantic! Such a good movie! About the actors a good impression! Akbar nice guy (by their actions)! Girl is also very positive! Affected by an interesting topic, the separation of people by religion and I was very interested to know how the situation will develop. Thought that against the heroes, even though such films are usually well out, while in Bollywood Fashion went to the bad ending…. Good mood during the whole movie. Songs pleasant to the ears! Movie magic.


Excellent movie! Would not call it a masterpiece, but very real, sincere, and warm! And beautiful music very harmoniously intertwined.
Actors liked, though, I saw them the first time. The guy is not handsome, but looked and played naturally without pathos and not overplaying. If he lived his hero. And girl played very well!
Generally the film liked it so that it is very real, unvarnished, looked easy .. A charming film! Also bribed easy ... how told the story!


When sitting down to watch a movie, waiting for his lot…. Frankly, well, very much impressed comment by Kinya, because in my opinion, she is so admired for the last time on NN.
The film certainly liked. Everything about it was simply, softly, purely in the Indian language: this village, its inhabitants are of different faiths and so on. Even the appearance of characters that doesnt meet the standards of Bollywood beauty (IMHO), very consistent throughout this picture. All this has created such a powerful effect reality going on, not the movie, but rather a history to that observed in living.

Review this film I'll definitely. However, I want to say that film didnt make that enthusiasm, that I wanted and hoped to get, perhaps precisely because of too high expectations.


The film is captured ... looks easy and pleasant. But while I see this film. in my heart was always one of anxiety about the about the tragic end ... was very surprised after happy-end ... And then, even thought it is Telugu, then all the happiness and love!
Music! Well music is just magic!
The most delicate beauty of music .. if woven of sweet airy cloud ... All shot very nice.

It is well that the girl's father understood and accepted the love of Akbar to Lakshmi
and eventually they were rewarded

He: The name is not remembered, but very much to madness like this actor! Just beautiful! And play nice, in general, he hooked me-)))

She: I dont know why but at the beginning when I saw her for the first time, I thought ... so homely sort of ... and then the game is imbued with this girl and still look at her beauty, very sweet, emotional and natural!

Outcome: The film gives a very pleasant feeling.


Reading enthusiasm by Kinya too much… And went to watch the movie. Definitely like it! It was a pleasant feeling of goodness and simplicity of the film, but in the end even cried a little bit ... I liked the actors, especially the girl. Songs in general somehow not noticed, except  Sundari .. This music has been several times when he looked at the girl ...
True, the review will not, because such strong enthusiasm, like Kinya, I havent. But watch the film necessarily!


After watching the movie, I cant say that he liked me, but something in it definitely has, but very little. In my opinion at the beginning of the story as a prolonged, even to me it seemed boring. Once everything and nothing, I was filled to the history, but at the moment when the characters realize they love each other. Then began a game of colors, feelings and emotions, the impression that started from a very different film, not the one that I watched before. The only thing that ruined my impression of this part of the film - its end.

Honestly, what - is absurd. Her father was unable to evaluate actions and feelings of the protagonist to his beloved girl and her family, but 2 years later, having listened to his 5-minute speech, he suddenly realized. L(((


Recently, the fate of me are gracious, that neither film - is a small oasis of love and inspiration.
I rested body and soul. AB took a light, delicate, air.
I liked the movie. Absolutely all: plot and the actors and their characters, the music just magic,
listening to her fly away far away from all problems and all the concerns and experiences takes a hand.
For all the desire to not even what criticize.
The love between Akbar and Lakshmi arose so beautifully, as if the heavens have given them this

Interweaving with friendship, mutual help and compassion that can not be separated from one another. The hero has a soul which is the force that leads him on the arduous path to a high goal.
This desire is very pleasant to me, and that he was no coward in front of difficulties. Its described him as a whole and self-sufficient young man.
She's a ray of light from her warm wave of laughter enveloped all around.

Half the movie I have crying from happiness. Simple - simple, good - good movie.
I love these movies. Realistic, at the same time beautiful. To me this seemed exactly like this - quiet, simple, about the ordinary lives of ordinary people. No fights (Thank you, Lord, I cant get used to the southern fight) , No ecumenical problems. A simple, clean story of pure love. It looks very attractive and important - not boring ... What a feeling I had after watching the recall feeling after I watched "Vivah" ... Two sweet, simple movie. Just as in life.

Actors saw the first time. In my opinion, both are ideally suited for their roles. Wonderful. Music quiet, dear.
In general, a great movie, a simple and kind. I recommend. 10 out of 10.

P.s. Only one frame from the movie brought me to a screeching halt.

Where in the Indian village of the Soviet hammer and sickle emblem?


Just watched this movie. To say that i liked it - to say nothing !!!! 
This is an amazing movie. Such a kind and takes over the soul. This is the first South Indian movie, that I watched. So many impressions…, probably today I cant sleep! It was where the laugh, cry…. film - a fairy tale

 If all the South Indian movies in the same style, then I'm dead.
Telugu Language like me very much, even without translation much is clear. Emotions ... Amazing movie! I am very glad that it was my first film of the South Indian!!!
Very nice movie. Soul. Actors wonderful.  I watched three times in a row and is ready to watch more.


Finally I looked this wonderful film! I want to say to girls “Thanks!” for work (translated and adding to the directory).
The film is wonderful ... easier and nicer nowhere
Like many people here (on the forum), these actors can see the first time. First guy didnt like, but when he began to smile .... his white-toothed smile from ear to ear just killed ...
The girl cute and funny (Forgive me,  not remember the first time their names )....

Like the plot: a very simple and without a fight, it was pleased ... But a little tense moment at the different religions in the movie.  Well, let's say some Muslim, Hindu and others, it is clear from every faith, their customs, laws, orders and rules, but I can not understand (maybe I'm behind on life and something I dont understand) - why you need to reach the extremes?
Why this hatred for each other? Well, you live in one village, why should be separated from each other: Hindi in one corner, Muslims in another. Well, you go each to his own temple, pray as you said your faith, but to remain human beings with respect to each other. Who it forbade?
Really enjoyed the film.
PS: if I am someone hurt my statement about religion - I beg your pardon, because nothing I had in mind, only expressed her opinion ...


Natalya, but this is not fiction, it is reality. And very soft. Well, some people can not accept others. There are many stereotypes about people of other cultures (including those of Russian dont always think well).
Although… happens that people of one culture and religion cant understand each other, but people are different  culture and religion  - to understand. For me too, there is no problem, the main thing -  to find a man with no problems communicating. And what a man has faith - it's his personal.

AB - usual entertaining film.
It was interesting to look at the relationship between the main characters, I liked that they had so long walked around, but some are not confessing feelings for each other. I love these stories, they add passion to browse. Just wanted to hurry, they be together, and wait with impatience the moment of recognition (or understanding of love).
Romantics bit in the movie, in my opinion, but the episode with the races in general killed her.
The end of the movie devoid of logic. After the end, I wanted to throw the slippers in a writer .. Incredible! He greased the overall impression of the film.

Kinya: Yes, of course, all have own tastes. Someone like him, someone not. But I dont agree with the fact that there is nothing instructive. On the contrary - very instructive ... While this is all shown in vivid colors, I also cried.

Rulka: Well enlighten me .. where instructive?))

Kinya: Well at least that we should be tolerant towards people of another religion. Her father mistreat to Muslims, but then changed his mind after all. He realized that the main thing is not a religion, not nationality. The main thing - good intentions.

Everything is very real, just like in life!

What the end waiting for, guys? I think this is the real end, which could be expected from the father's Lakshmi... They are people, not animals .. If there was a lamentable end or they would run away together - it would be a fairy tale! And I am very glad that the end is that!

This is not a movie - a real life with all its shortcomings and positive aspects, life is what it is really. That is the main strength of AB!

AB - is something that doesnt explain in words, you can only feel, to live a short time with the characters, imbued with their feelings and experience with them. All those who made this film - really have created a masterpiece.


This film is very simple, but it is not empty. It is so beautiful, that he took every cell of my heart! Not important that the actors are unfamiliar to me. No matter what language they speak - sure I would have understood them, if not read subtitles. The strength of this film is not a deep philosophical meaning. The strength in the fact that this movie has a soul - yes, a real soul, like a living person. The film is very clean, warm, boundless love and gratitude. I spent those 2 hours with heroes and fully immersed in their little world, rejoicing in their successes, their achievements, regretting their failure ... This is really life! Delighted with the movie.

Kamal - very well. In his eyes you can see all the emotions that he experienced. To look inconspicuous, but very strong guy. I, felt sympathy for this guy. Bindu - a nice girl. Her heroine Lakshmi was very persuasive.

I loved it. The only thing that disappointed - this is the end.
I didnt understand how this is possible - 2 years didnt hear,  not seeing about  each other and then bam!  - and wedding …..

Kamal. I very much liked him. He is cute ... He played very well, as if he lived his hero. It was sorry for him in some points, but generally a good impression.
By the way, he reminds me…. outwardly whether Shah, whether Shahid.

Bindu. Very nice girl. Enjoyed and externally and play. Very natural.

Beautiful couple. Very good they looked. I liked the fact that there was some recognition of love, all as a matter of happened. It's great when everything is clear and without any admissions.

The film easily and naturally. I have been attracted by the history and looked with interest. If you like South Indian cinema - see required.


Well, finally I saw the film)))
First, I recommended it to look, and then recommended that in any case it doesnt look ... I was almost decided not to watch, but I look ...
I prepared for what it claims to be a masterpiece, always with a bad ending, well, stuff like that ... But no ... The movie was nothing like what I had imagined ...

I think a movie like many, and probably that was the idea of a movie ... make it as close to reality ... There is no fine speeches, tragic victims in the name of love ... It's simply life, simply a love story, no cine, and the usual love ... One genres of film have called Everyday, there are no sharp turns of the plot, all the usual and predictable ... in the process of viewing may be a feeling that you're there.
The actress who played the main role ... (my opinion) - predictable.

The actor who played a major role ... quite good. (I dont know why, but he seemed to me that he looks like Sergey Lazarev) I didnt leave the impression that I had seen him already on the screen.
When people talk about the soul of South Indian cinema, have a view of this particular film. He has soul. Like the movie or not - depends on the nature of man IMHO. But the movie definitely very warm.

Light film. Was not boring to watch and occasionally interesting, though nothing more than natural... I liked that there was no fighting )))))))

Actors, too, played well.
Racing Car ))))))))) What's this? ... I was killed by boy, who gave the start fall pants ... nightmare !!!!....
In general, the film would recommend to all who seek to see in the movies real life, who doesnt love the glamorous image, in principle, an easy film. Perhaps even those who dont believe in huge cine love this movie real. I dont regret that had looked AB, although it is not my movie, certainly not for me
Movie put 7 of 10


Finally, I watched the film, which would look like just read the title! I liked it very ... Only at the beginning I thought that a Bollywood film.
This film for me nostalgia ... Why? Just remembered my village. Very light and a good movie, without vulgarity.
This is not a movie - that life is much better than reality shows, whose game at the camera and raise the rating.
Very standard film, as if watching their life sitting at home.
Who is not looking necessarily look. There is no glamor, no pathos, there is life in his guise as it is, with all the flaws, with all the problems with the religious issue ... The world is not without good people ... People just need to believe in goodness.
Very interesting love story. At the end of the movie I laughed and cried together ...

Actors are very harmonious with their characters. Very well played. Cute both, very fit each other
Assistant casting  - 5 +.

One thing I dont understand ... why Inept films professionally transferred, and such a great film cant translate?

Who didnt look - see - not regret it! Even if he doesnt like AB, you will still be pleasant emotions of this film.


Wah, Wah, Wah! What a movie! Actually I'm so excited that words cant describe. Empathize, rejoiced, was in love as Akbar. Such strength of character and I like the human soul. It watched with great pleasure. I. .. drumroll ... I finally like the main character – Lakshmi - charm.
Now this movie - my love among movies:))
And the music is what .. Hmmm. Tale. I ran to download.

I will say even more than that even very much liked this film. After viewing it, again would be reviewed.
By the way, began to look Chatrapati with Prabhas and there are again this actor J. But alas… No main role.
What can I say? ... Wonderful movie! A film about a simple human life!
Appearance Kamal I didnt like. But until… when i see his face with mustache! With a mustache Kamal, in my opinion, much nicer
Bindu I liked, very nice girl. A beautiful girl, which combines the best qualities: intelligence, beauty (not just external)

I liked the friends of Akbar, especially fidgety boy... - the miracle.
Dialogue Lakshmi with her father, after which I immediately felt for the main character!

Babbar (Varun) ... didnt understand his appearance. In one scene is nice, another funny ... When Lakshmi evening peeped through the window, he looked terrified.

The relationship of Akbar and Lakshmi make me happy. It was nice to watch them.
Like the scene when Lakshmi asked Akbar to sleep, or rather his behavior like: to show that she was not right, but at the same time didnt deny the help!

Sad was the scene with two young girls ... especially when the second began to cry when convinced that the water is no longer ... It's just awful to realize that there are places where people are deprived of elementary things ...

Excellent scene was when Lakshmi said: "I like you the way you are" ... I was so expecting that she would wait for his arrival in the city. Respectively delight knew no bounds when she really was waiting for him ... But those tears ... what a touching scene, or rather a sincere ... As a little girl burst into tears of joy, that Akbar had reached its goal ...

Amused by the appearance of the local mafia in white to help the family of Lakshmi

A great moment has turned over the fact his father Lakshmi learned about religion Akbar I really enjoyed it!
How I hoped that Lakshmi will run for Akbar, but then my hopes were not justified ... But the emergence of Akbar with a mustache made amends for my sorrow!

And the final scene is very good and touching 

Good film, watch and just enjoy!


Finally I looked this movie. Brilliant! I'm becoming a fan of movies of South India. From the screen could not tear myself away for a moment, worried for the characters. Here it is the movie that penetrates the soul and heart! Songs of the moving, I want to listen and listen. I am impressed.

My expectations were very high. This is because of, of course, Shekhar. Everything connected with him, wrapped in an aura of delight for me, and a priori must be heavenly.
He managed to cure me ... after the Japanese miracle "I just love you." The film warmed me with its naive purity. History crept into the heart of bright colors simple and so complicated at the same time the village life, family squabbles playful eyes that are looking for each other's inability to refuse, even if it would have to sleep through the night at the door.

Fell in love with music. Those who heard the song from «Avakai Biryani», agree with me, that there is a beautiful clips and great lyrics. I'm not talking about its innards - soft apricot love.
Film to impress me ... Voice Bindu amazing similarity to the voice Kamalinee Mukherjee. I reveled in the whole film this dear, this so beloved voice..
Movie was ... make me happy. Suppose that only a few hours, but he made me serenely happy, cracked down on all my anxieties and worries, give the feeling of weightlessness.

Thanks to the film for that no one died. Then one week, I buried a half-dozen characters. Honestly, you dont recognize the value of a happy-end, until the plunge into the world of Japanese-Korean cinema.

Actors, I dont think the strength of this film. For me they are played medium, though, tried. Kamal doesnt look like the main character. When its sun bring car .... (Residues), I'm just breathless with laughter. The girl I liked, beautiful. I have fresh, life-giving movie!


What a good movie! Unfortunately, not everyone can recommend it ... Because he - like walking barefoot in the morning dew - someone will be cool and uncomfortable, too quiet, boring ... and someone will quietly and easily ...
For me it was easy. The entire film ... Artless happy to just be. Waking up in the morning, prayer, work, study ... just live each day simple - and still believe in the future.

The easiest film of all, ever seen me. There is no single second of glamor, luxury men and richly decorated songs. It all happens as if inside - inside a village, within the same family, within the two people ... And in that its transparency, in that his naivete and simplicity so soft charm.
I cant say that he took out of my soul that I was crying (although for a moment it was, but it's from happiness) ... On the contrary - my soul trembled, twitched at the break - and he told me quietly, like a child awakened at night "Tshshsh,  Dont cry, relax, everything will be fine" and gently stroked my head.
Actors. I cant tell you anything about them, because no one didnt know. But they were their characters, they believed in them as much as I believed.
Music. Because of music I saw the film. And absolutely not disappointed - to the delightful music and the magic voices of Karthik and Shreya added amazing in content texts - are solid, such free.
Once again I repeat - this is a very simple film. There are no unexpected twists, deep heart wounds, no Superhero feats. The film - to take a break from movies and just live a little.

Download this movie is not sorry.
Recently had simply not liked: is not Bollywood, is not the south, there was not that movie so hooked and here it is. 
Actors saw the first time and none of them didnt disappoint, but especially liked the main actress
Music Good, but not without movie, only with visuals. Watching film…, he stuck in my soul
Wonderful movie! The magic, it just like a breath of fresh air! Very special! Beautiful thoughtful plot, no silly humorous spots, where even all the secondary characters in his place and immediately remembered. Long time since I had not experienced such emotions in the southern films.
Looked film yesterday, and still, listening to music there, in the clouds, in a favorable mood ...
The main characters is incredibly vital showed by young actors Kamal Kamaraju and Bindu Madhavi, and this of course great service by director Anish. 
And as shoot, what kinds of nature, views and colors! This is a must see. The feeling that you yourself to be there and absorb the smell of spices, herbs, river..
I have always loved the characters of this film, as the actors, they have played so brilliantly that the roles chosen new fresh young faces! 
Initially, not knowing the hero Kamal, he seemed to me like Buratino (My note – Russian Pinocchio) lanky and unsympathetic, but by the middle of the movie I had dearly loved and admired his character so that he seemed to me already insanely cute playboy, but by the end I felt to him some family feeling. 
Girl Heroine (Bindu) is also incredibly sweet and charming. And both of them, of course, talented.
In general, this movie should see all, dont know whom may not like it, only if people will watch it on a tiny screen is poor and without translation.
It's just a wonderful movie.  This lightweight, gentle, simple. Bollywood is now forgotten how to shoot like it. There's so simple shot. So beautiful that just want to go there. The movie has amazingly talented operator! 
The main characters simply wonderful, lovely, natural. If you honestly cant imagine them separately. To me they are now one. Songs like everything. But most of all affected Nannu Chopagala Adham.
Sincere, easy and very natural movie! Something heavenly, pleasant, making you dream, raising you and brings in the little world in which you look .. Some may focus on the living conditions of people, but it is, in my view, in relation to this movie is so petty, that havent even worth mentioning ...
Life, on the one hand, such a simple, but at the same time difficult ...
The special charm of the film created the actors who actually look like simple, ordinary people with their dreams, life goals, victories and joys, problems.

I dont know the name of each of them. Tell about the game at one word - beautiful. 
Of particular share feelings in this movie creates music, I think it will make my mind soar more than once ... In the final film, I sat with  very very stupid smiling, and it was impossible to stop.
During those days I saw AB for 2 times (I shows my mother), but I can still watch, more and more ...

Simple accommodation, actors from the usual appearance, the real problems that are raised in the film, it all makes sense that you're looking shot by hidden camera. So all closer to reality. It is this movie I liked. Love is in the movie, too real, it is these films are made to believe in what love is, and it is not a fairy tale. Music, though not memorable, but pleasant listening, and together with a picture like that on special sounds.


I really liked this movie! In this film you can understand that love doesnt differentiate between no religion or skin color. Love comes and all. Actors played their roles perfectly. And the music - it's something! The film definitely need to watch all the people who likes to South India!

So I looked at this truly beautiful film. This lightweight, touching story, as if it was not enough movies with similar plots, but this was a great success. It looks very easy, totally immersed in the atmosphere of a poor Indian village, where there are "wicked uncle" and of course a good, open-hearted guy, "the soul of the village."

And you begin to sympathize with all its failures, to rejoice with him his little victories. And certainly not without a good, open, sweet, pretty girl and love that broke out between them.
The film is very warm, sincere, bright. Very, very much, left the sea of pleasant experiences.
Dont never met these actors in films, but Akbar and Lakshmi liked. Well done very nice played with such ease.
Music in the film is good, too melodic.
I recommend the movie to compulsory viewing!


Normal film, calm. Watch interesting only the last hour, and at the beginning of boring. That's life - as it is, so it is. A rare case where the Minister was a good man, or at least had a normal PR. A little hurt that the girl's father assess the guy only after he made his way into the world.

I Love girl. Independent and good, with your opinion and appropriate behavior. This surprised. After all, movie still southern. Perhaps the film author, besides there is no known actors, and I couldnt love anyone. 

But the boy and a girl, well played and looks good, really very nice.
This and the rest of the idols, and to remind ourselves that normal life, too close, even in places in India.


AB was my first southern film .. From him I have only pleasant impressions .. Such a moving film, sometimes even want to cry. Actors gorgeous, though not known, but it only reinforced the impression of him .. Music inspires .. (especially when Akbar know that passed  this unfortunate exam). I wish I could stumble across it again at some - some of the same film, which gives only a positive ..

Unable to look at it calmly .. So touching ..


Very nice, sweet, romantic and tender film.
I thought it would be something heavy. Typically, these stories - where different religions are involved and all that - are very bloody, tears. But here somehow quite calmly, easily, smoothly. Even without fights - this makes me especially happy.

Kamal Kamaraju - and liked the character and the actor. Very charming. A smile - simply stunning. At times, he reminds me of a young Amitabh Bachchan. I dont know why.

Bindu Madhavi - lovely actress who played very well - with soul, with emotion.

I film seemed easy, not prolonged. All developed smoothly, naturally - as it should be. And the final liked - the original and very cute, I just knew that she had brought him an invitation to their own wedding.
Well, from the wonderful species of nature - I just melt. How can they still know how to pick up beautiful views for the film. It always looks perfectly - he, she, a beautiful song and unmatched scenery.


You may laugh, but I was a persistent belief that I was watching an old Soviet film. Only in their main character lives not for himself but for his country (even if this country is just a small, forgotten village). Only in the old movies a declaration of love can be so touching and innocent: "I like for the way you are ..." Only in old movies stern father thaws his heart under the influence of the public.
And this feeling of nostalgia for something very bright, kind, naive, what we dont have and never will, not letting go until the final.


This two and a half hours of continuous happiness, pure sunlight, and of the real India. Yes, yes, this, for what it really is - a spicy, tart and incredibly beautiful in its imperfection.

In the small village of many pressing problems, such as perpetual lack of water and no less eternal bad roads, but is it okay if they live with such wonderful people like Akbar and Lakshmi, and by the way, their love lives somewhere nearby. Initially, they had not noticed, or rather, trying not to notice, but it is a growing and gaining strength with each passing day, breaking through stereotypes tenacious and persistent religious prejudices. And flourishes despite all the vicissitudes of fate the main characters.

And the main characters in the movie the most that neither is real, warm, alive. Watching them, I could not shake the feeling that somewhere recently saw a guy like Akbar, or a girl that's just as Lakshmi. Maybe the fact that a piece of their simple lives of characters in each of us?

Kamal Kamaraju. Long remember his Akbar. Good, straight and strong, proud (as without it?), His character simply lives without doing anything supernatural, but to risk his life for his beloved is always ready.

Bindu Madhavi. Beloved girl is ready to wait as long as necessary, until her lover doesnt understand what friendship is long overdue call love, then again wait until the facts of life will not develop in their favor. Lakshmi, too, does nothing supernatural, it is just waiting for love, faith and dont forget that at the right time the first step will have to do for her.

Magic Music flourishing film most vivid colors, excellent camera work enables you to enjoy marvelous views of the Indian nature ... I want to say thanks to the director for he did "Avakai Biryani" so simple, so close and tangible, so different from other movies! Fantastic music. Outstanding natural beauty ... Just love. Just life ...


Anish Kuruvilla said...

These comments give me strength, confidence and validation for our work. At least it has effected people deeply somewhere. Super. Nothing can make a filmmaker feel prouder and richer than this.


Anonymous said...

If someone told me there are scores of (potentially hot) russian women raving about a telugu movie on a director's blog, i would suspect it was the fertile imagination of a creative mind at work.

Are these genuine comments or an attempt at surrealist humor?

Anish Kuruvilla said...


Your comment really made me crack up and laugh. Surrealist Humor huh? Seriously! I have to be OUT OF MY MIND to sit and WRITE all this stuff! :-)

or wait a minute, maybe I am.


I don't know who you are, but you seriously made my day. I love your take on it. Maybe I am finally finding an audience.