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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Done. I am definitely done. Surely, I have to be done now. Right. Its time to take this outside, bring it to the world and see what happens.

After months of not knowing what to write after AB. After weeks of trying to understand if this story will ever find its audiences. It went back to 'instinct' and a little bit of 'hope'. Yeah, this is it. As far as the writing goes that is it. A screenplay I am very proud of. Probably my best and most well rounded. Artistically and commercially.

Wish I could say more about 'what it is' in the open. But I am hardly Anurag Kashyap or any of those successful filmmakers who can get projects going with a snap of their fingers or talk about stuff they want to make. I am what I am after AB. A 'struggler' once more, I suppose. Or at least someone who has something left to prove to himself and audiences. So let me coin a new term for someone like me, 'reprover'. That sounds about right. I am done with 'struggling'; I am onto 'reproving'. I am a 'reprover'.

And just like in my 'struggling' days, writing publicly was an outlet for myself. Not going to promise (to myself that is), but I think I'd like to blog about my adventures/mis-adventures of getting this project on-board and sailing.

Lets call its AK's UNTITLED MYSTERY PROJECT. or UMP. Yeah thats better, UMP.

The adventures and mis-adventures of Project UMP begin this week. May my faith, anyone's well-wishes and good tidings be upon me. Will be making some important phone calls this week.

Here I come TFI. For one more shot. Show me some love. I need it.

Meanwhile, As a little inspirational exercise, I'll post some pics relevant to my story; creating a digital rendition of the visual style of the project.


The Ketchup Girl said...

You go, man! we are with you and trust and believe in all that you do. All the very best to UMP.

srujan said...

You've got to go through turmoil to get to success. It was just meant for the puzzle to be built like that.....All the Very best..and it is sure that you come up with new project, prayers and wishes that you made movie from the draft which you liked it most hope the turmoil doesn't effect it....