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Friday, April 16, 2010

From Russia with love...

Probably you would've never heard from me since my appreciation of actors does not go as far as mailing them (out of respect to personal life - not because I don't want to). But that is not the subject of my letter...
I heard from Nastya today (the girl from Russia who translated you some portions of our forum) that you where some sort of upset by some people not getting the Avakai Biryani. So I wanted to share the whole story of Avakai Biryani in Russian-speaking part of the Internet with you.
It has all started with the girl named Shantal (well, it's a nickname actually) who loves Sekhar's movies A LOT. She is the one who translated Godavari subs, by the way... So she has waited for Avakai impatiently, she has posted a link to the music on the forum - for everybody else to start waiting as well =)
I was new to South Indian cinema back then (August 2009). I just have heard the music, felt in love with it and got this hunting idea of knowing the meaning of those songs - by watching the movie.
This part I won't describe to you, it's way too personal. Maybe... one day I will translate my review to this movie so you would understand...
But still.. My English may not sound like too much, but my Russian and writing reviews is somehow very good and it gets to people - everybody started wandering about the movie after my review. I felt responsible for this impact; I felt I owe something to this movie - so I've translated the subtitles. Actually, Shantal wanted to do so as well... but I got it first. It's not a competition - she trusted that I will give this movie and its translation some justice - and I did.
A lot of people watched this movie since... Most of them appreciated it, some even felt in love as deeply as I did, got totally crazy =) But the point of this letter are those people who didn't like the movie. My position - let them be. There is no such universal movie on Earth that is liked by everybody - it's a first point. This particular movie was never made to be loved by wide masses - second point. Sometimes it's not about quantity... Do you know this movie "Lady In The Water" by M. Night Shyamalan? There was this guy who was supposed to be saved from mystical monster. And when he asked about "Why am I so important? What am I to become of such significance?" - he was told "Basically, nothing. You are not to become famous or needed for the society. But you will write a book and years later some other man will read it and get inspired by it - and HE will change a history"... So my third point is - it's not about HOW MANY people gets the movie, it's about WHO gets it. Avakai is a filter - only special people get it! And it is a good thing!

So... hope I was not too boring and brought you something to be proud of. As a last mentioning - when I'm asked of my favorite Indian movies I say "K3G - it forgives me all my sins, Vivah is a movie where my dreams are born, I will go to Geetanjali if I need a glimpse of hope in the darkest time... And Avakai Biryani is a movie where my soul lives".

P.S. Since Avakai Biryani my translations became a quality trademark - not only to translation itself (let's face it: people who can't read English original subtitles would not now if the translation is correct) but to the quality of movies - because not it is know that I translate only those movies that means something to me, touch me in some way. I translate only special movies.

Oksana Rakovich

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