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Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Master of Contemporary Indian Cinema - Mani Ratnam

What can they re-invent and revive? The can they now un-learn, re-learn and educate us with? What will they blow our minds with? What is that something new I will yearn and want to emulate myself? What will they have to say together next?

That's the power and inspiration that comes from a Mani-Rahman combo. Which other director has had amazing combination's with two Maestros? ManiRatnam brings out the best in them and vice versa.

All our individual childhoods and careers are literally 'bookmarked' by their(Illayaraja too) works. Sigh. Atleast mine is. ...

The only thing for me that beats the anticipation of a Spielberg blockbuster movie is a Ratnam cinema. I am a dedicated fan-boy.

Cannot wait for this one.

One more fundamental thing. He reminds me what cinema can do. He reminds me why I am in cinema in the first place. That's the impact he has had on many countless film-wallahs. That's a lot to OWE him for....

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The Ketchup Girl said...

wow, looks awesome. A mani Ratnam film after a long long time. thanks for sharing.