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Thursday, May 17, 2007

CELEBRATING My 100th post, a poem written for me and my film.

Hello Anish
I havent seen your movie, but after seeing the promos and various reviews on your blogsite, pfc and youtube....I really think you have tried something.
All I can wish you is best of luck and I have written a poem for you titled---- "confessions of a film maker"

Confessions of a Filmmaker ---Prashu (Prashanth Mahagaonkar)

I walked once
just once
with thousand of heels
through mirages of reels

I met a few
just a few
who counted my steps
with taps and claps

I shivered once
just once
when eyes stared
and future glared

I felt the dew
yes, the dew
caressing my fears
stopping my tears

I gave birth
birth at last
to what I feel and see
in this vicious sea

Will I live?
Will my voice live?
my few will decide the ends
for they are my friends

best of luck anish

Prashanth Mahagaonkar
Research Fellow
Entrepreneurship,Growth and Public Policy
Max Planck Institute of Economics


Anish Kuruvilla said...

thanks so much prashanth. i am lost for words. how and when did you hear about my movie. i will tell you about my release plans as soon as possible.


srikanth said...

Mirru avathavallanii titey badullu mirru oka manchii cinema enduku tiyakudaduuuu..
Naku telisi mana telugu parisrama loo kuda manchii chitrallu vachayii kanii janam chudakapotey evaruu emi cheya gallaruuu..
ii madya manchi telugu chitrallu

Anonymous said...

Hello Anish
Thanks for showing the world the words that were dedicated for you.
I heard about your film through idleburra..and then every day I keep track of pfc, youtube and your own blog page....

I have seen your dollar dreams and anand. Being very fond of hyderabad, I like people who show hyderabad as it is...and not just hyderabad, but our daily lives too...

keep it up Anish.


om said...

Good work Prasanth..thats a sweet poem..

Good Luck Anish

Anonymous said...

arrey srikanth,
aa etc deggara agavu enduku?...and please i would actually use better examples than grahanam ...and look at wht tht same director has done after our system is wrong dnt run away from it ...face it..u dnt understand tht it is one subject tht a filmmaker wanted to tell in a style and he did it...whts ur problem..dnt watch it if u dnt like.


Anonymous said...

prashu very very sweet poem..

srikanth said...

Avunnu Mahi Nuvvu Chependii satyam.. mana system loo tappu vundii, aa tappu mana darsekulidii mana kadanayukuladii matramey kaduu.
Kullam(Caste) chusii cinema ki veley ii janam loo vundii tappu Danini Parisrama vadukundiiiii anteyyyy....
Indragantii rendoo cinema gurinchii chepevvu,Grahanam taruvata athannu ii cinema enduku tiseduuu ?modatii cinema janam degariki vellaledu kabbatti danini mana telugu vallaloo 1% kuda chudaledu kabbatti....
Face it..Annavvu,Vastavallanii ii telugu vallu jirnichukolerru,Kabateyy Challam nii telugu nella nuchii tarimiveseruuu.ii rojuloo ainna challam rasinaa books entha mandii chaduvutunnaru?...........
whts ur problem..dnt watch it if u dnt like Annavvu,ii cinema gurichii okka matta anteyney mirru illa annarey marii Anish nii telugu parisrama emantundiiiii????

Anonymous said...

Just awesome.... by the way ... when are you posting the movie online :)

Anonymous said...

cinema ni ante parvaledu, kaani you are questioning why the issue is raised. cinema meru choosunte meru choosi, nachakunte bull shit ani problem..., kaani meru chestundi emitante you are trying to kill a persons intention to tell something that is dangerous and undone in this world.
Now i respect ur comments on wht you said on caste system. also that the audience is to blame for wht is happening. may be it has been raised in the film.. nenu ee ciname nachakapothe cinemani tidtanu paranga but i will not try to sabotage the filmmakers intention.
i definetly think if there is no satta in the film ppl would not have discussed so much, pls anishgari ni tittey badalu i would like this kind of a dialogue possible between young filmmakers. so that they can com up with something we can lok up to in telugu cinema and be proud of.