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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Music release plans.

The theme music and video, specially shot for 'confessions of a filmmaker' will be available on the net in a matter of days.
The music was composed by one of hyderabad's most influential rock bands-'EXABYSSUS'.
I am truly proud of their work and I think you'll agree when you hear it yourself.

I am also excited knowing that I am bringing my film one step closer to everyone. Its all a matter of time...


Anish Kuruvilla said...

i hope everyone is ok with the new layout, only the colours was too dark and depressing...white is how i feel right now.

Anonymous said...

i like wasnt depresing for was more clear...this is too much of glare..

Anonymous said...

Glare--thats right,anon!That was my first reaction too.

Black was way too kewwlll.This looks very bland.

Well,its all a perception though...eventually,you get used to anything.
But again--'black is beautiful':-)

K said...

Bold and Black. White is for diplomats ;)

jaris said...

Black was good.
Plz dont start this discussion again....
uske liye alag blog banayenge.. :)to decide which colour to go with..
For all u guys out there, plz keep on supporting Anish.

WB : Kidhar hai bhai aap?
Im in India, if ur not busy can meet up.


Anonymous said...

siraj bhai — main to yahin khadaa hoon, line mein aakhir. mera abhi sydeny se nikalna mushkil hi nahin namumkin hai. aap - irani chai, aam, aur anish ke saath jaam - khoob enjoy kijiye. -wb

Anonymous said...

The music video route is the same a generall through the channels in the TV.

But the genere of the theme music that u have shot is rock blues i guess and may be it could be relesed through publicity in the college and malls.

Anonymous said...

i thought my window had a problem....
but isn't this too sober, looking like a disarranged place...may be used to the old one...anyway the colour doesn't change our opinions and patronizing

Anonymous said...

and about the music...i have high expectation from u...eagerly waiting for it...i wl use it to take the film nearer to my friends...i hope u can get it shown in national music channels and local also

jaris said...

Bhai WB,

Mast dialogue hai,

WB ka sydney se nikalna mushkil hi nahin namumkin hai.

Aap kahin DON to nahin ho...
i wish to meet up with u.
Will u be in Hyd during mid oct.


ramulu said...

Hi Anish,
I am happy that you are doung a BOLD film that will shook the industry and will force them to open the doors to talented people and not relatives.
I am eager to watch your movie.

Prashanth Mahagaonkar said...

Black is ok for the blog, but not the youtube page..I just had a look at it..nothing is legible now...the older theme with Kamal's pictures was good..yes..the orange hued pictures.


{Prashanth Mahagaonkar}