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Sunday, May 13, 2007


jeevi rating: Not Applicable
Punchline: brave attempt
Genre: Parallel
Banner: Kuruvilla Films

Cast: Kamal Kamaraju

Story, screenplay, direction, producer: Anush Kuruvilla
Release Date: NA

The Confessions of a filmmaker (Naa Video Diary) is an autobiography of a person who is about to die within 10 days. This film goes on a flashback narrative style. Kamal Kamaraju (Kamal Kamaraju) is in the Telugu film industry for the past 10 years working for various Telugu blockbusters under direction department. He is the frustrated by the way Telugu films are being made and also gets ditched by his girl friend. He calls his pal and ask him to shoot him for a self-made documentary where he records his moments for the last 10 days. The rest of the story is about how he expresses his personal experiences with the film industry.

Positive points:
1. The director used a digital handycam (high definition one) to shoot the entire film. It is a fresh beginning in Telugu film industry as it gives an opportunity for the director wannabes to shoot their films in shoe-string budget using digital cameras.
2. The basic intention of making the film is good. The director succeeded in expressing what he wanted to tell.
3. The film has only one character in the entire film. Kamal Kamaraju exhibited entire gamut of emotions successfully.
4. The episodes in which Kamal criticizes Telugu film industry and displays placards are good.
5. Director took the help of popular Hindi and English tunes to narrate the story.

Negative Points:
1. Films of these kind should be done with passion. But we find more hatred in the content than passion.
2. A few episodes are little boring. The film is made with the intention of having a runtime of at least one and half hours. The film would be more interesting, if it is trimmed a lot.
3. The director took the liberty to use extreme expletives to get his point across. The same intensity should have been expressed through emotions than using expletives.
4. The postproduction work done in terms of adding visuals is little taxing to the eyes.

Analysis: It is a purely a personal film. For every issue, there are both positives and negatives. The director should have taken balanced road of approach towards expressing the problem than going into complete negative mode. He went to the extent of accusing top Telugu film heroes and blamed the entire Telugu film industry. He also expressed that it is Telugu film industry that is influencing the masses with mediocre films where as it is the masses who influence the makers about what kind of films to be made. On a whole, 'Confessions of a Filmmaker' (COAFM) is an honest and brave film.

Tailpiece: The basic premise of the film is highly debatable. There is a frustrated assistant director who wants to direct a film. He is dumped because hero did not find the script good enough. He thinks that he could direct a good film. Before making their debut as director, all director wannabes think that they are of Mani Ratnam and Ram Gopal Varma caliber. But it turns out that most of these debutant directors deliver miserable films. When these debutant directors are not able to direct films with minimum basics, where will be credibility to a director wannabe who thinks that entire film industry is wrong and he is right?


Anonymous said...

Are you feelin any lighter?:-).

Firstly,congrats...COF didnt falter.In fact,it seems to have created a flutter..your worst fears were unfounded.There was an audience,there is a debate and there are reviews out there.So,hurrah!'s definitely in the radar of the public eye(limited right now).

Secondly,having read the reviews--i feel that there is a response now--a mixed response for sure.The use of expletives seems to have hurt the journos' sensibilities:-).But over all,the basic essense..the basic premise of the movie has been captured by the audience..and thats a victory!

Thirdly,the job is still half-done.It is time to be even more aggresive in promoting the movie...maybe,grey out the expletive section...and get a censored release... and promote COF,yourself and the crew to a wider audience.

My gut feelin is that COF is at that crossroad now--where if not pushed,may go un-noticed..trashed forever OR with the right impetus MAY just catch the junta's attention...and who knows????

Case in point--was speakin to a colleague of mine...a super junior of yours(HPS)...and casually mentioned COF...and you know what....he had read about it somewhere....Just proves the point..that before ppl forget abt COF completely....its time to shove it on their faces.

Well,you are the best judge,buddy.

What do we feel--Proud of ya,buddy!Now,when/how do we get to see the final cut,yaar?

And Siraj bro--thnx for representing us all.It must have been a good fillip for Anisho.

Kamal bhai--you can smile now,maan!Job well done!Hope we dont see you foot tapping beside Ravi Teja or Jr.NTR.But heck--who knows.They cud be the ones foot tapping beside you...right?



Anonymous said...

I just have one thing to LOL...take a balanced approach...Looks like jeevi din get the whole point...One more indianized way of perception and expression...

Donno what others saw in here...but here i see him being more critical and playing hard not to take any stand... May be I am wrong...but still...I take this stand :-)

And guys, please dont mention that after seeing Jeevi's review, you feel the movie is good and must have something in it...Just read between the lines....


Anonymous said...


what the fuck are u talking about? i tried hard to understand what u were trying to say but noooo! i even tried reading between ur lines but to no avail! next time, dont be drunk when u write comments

Anonymous said...

Dear Anon,

Dont know who this is...but I was not drunk... After I read the review I felt that Jeevi was trying hard not to praise the movie the way he wanted to...may be afraid to take a stand on the movie...

But a re reading doesnt leave me with that feeling any take lite...Did not get a chance to watch the movie yet...Would like to comment on it after I watch the movie...May be I was on a high at the moment I wrote those comments...


Anonymous said...

Credibility comes when there is consistency in message. Idlebrain seriously lacks it. Have you wondered by there is no review of Bangaram on the website?

One must remember Varma and Mani Ratnam belonged to the film fraternity!

I seriously think telugu movies are made for Stars and for their ego-caste.