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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

day 6 pre production

was a terrific day yesterday, we might have found the perfect girl for the project, lets see if it works out...wont say anymore at this point.

things are moving on quite well....auditions and talent searches are in full swing...almost...well it could be better...

will keep it short this time....have to get back to some work right now...


Swaps said...

Seconding Siraj's request....need some pics,'d be a lot interesting to check the auditions pics...a.k.a American Idol:-).

Good goin....and good luc.

And whats with yellow,bud?Its nice,though.

kreator said...

when is the new wave coming?

A new wave is like a renaissance, a movement in which the arts, be it music,theatre and cinema, signifies a growing change in ideas and attitude…a growing resilience to taboos and myths….a conviction in telling stories regardless of aftermath….a desire for truth as an individual see’s it….a platform for expression of personal freedom,ambitions,desires,secrets, etc etc, almost anything we hold in our heads as a private thought, is expressed in a film….

that’s a new wave….thats a wave that we don’t see coming anywhere…

hope u remember what u wrote on PFC, When ever i read ur articles on pfc i thorght there was some hope for telugu film industry.

i am an engineering graduate ,done 6 months course in filmmaking.i have been trying to get in to the telgu film industry from 1 year(as AD), roaming from oiice to office giving my resume(which they would throw in dustbin)they say how can i trust u. they say this is a very bad place, go and do the some good softeware job. but how can i go out when films are my blood.
when ever i read ur articles i was seeing a ray of light for people like me who want to bring fresh thoughts ands insights to the industry.
i have visited sekhars office when i came to know about ur project. they said the direction department is full. the same team is working

how do u expect to get new wave if u dot give chance to new comers.
my resume is lying i ur office from past 1 year.hope they didnt throw it in dustbin.
u may tell me now u should have approached me earlier as now it s full. how can i approach u when i have no idea when the project starts.
u do all kinds of talent search from artists to music directors, but why dont u do the same for direction department.

any ways i am sending my resume to as i have some hope. hope u will look in to the resume and respond to me positively.

raghu kiran.

Pradeep Karavadi said...

Hi Anish,

From the day I came to know about Google Reader, I had been searching for good blogs all day long and ended up at PFC. When I was scrolling by, saw your photo and was surprised to see you there (honestly I dint know that you were writing). I liked dollar dreams and all projects that you were associated with. And two days back I stumbled upon you COFM blog and was mesmerized. I started from day one to the day you gave your final confession....I read the whole blog in one day was damn interesting and every line that you wrote seemed like I was reading about myself. All those views, frustration, craving for real good cinema. Everything really inspired me. Ok let me intoduce my self. I am an Engineer from REC Allahabad and am currently working at HSBC as Assistant Manager IT Security (into Anti Hacking and stuff like that). But I am very much interested in films. After I read your blog till the end (I know I was late by seven months) I really started searching for the DVD of COFM. You wont believe, after I completed your blog yesterday evening, I immediatly went from office to Music World for the DVD, but came to know that they ding get it. I even maild you to
Anyways..after a little search I ended up hear. I will follow your blog daily Anish. I would like to meet you as well. When is your press meet? Please tell me the date and time for sure. Eager to meet you.

Pradeep (vito_parry)

jaris said...

Hey Bidu,

Is it possible for you to explain the process of pre production.
This will enlighten us about movie making.
I would like to watch the "Making of Project Pickle"
If u can document the day to day activities , few pictures,discussions, workshops etc.
If one of ur crew member can capture it on the cam and post it daily on youtube where we can watch it.
Swap, Amit, Pradeep and kamal
What do u say?
Looking forward for more info on the pre production...


Swaps said...

Yo....wutz happenin?No new posts, no pics...Anish miyan kahan par ho janaab?
Siraj bhai--idea bahut acha hain...but isnt the makin of the film generally DVD-release mtl?
But'd be interesting to know whats going on.....

I watched 'Chicago' recently(somehow had missed it earlier).Just one word---"WOW".
And if any of you haven't seen 'Ronin' yet...its a must see.This was my second time.
Siraj--If interested,watch the director's commentary in the special features.They actually explain shot by shot construction of the entire movie.
In movie watching mood currently--any recommendations?
ohh btw: read abt Chiru's fans attacking Raj bhai.....can it become anymore comical?....pure joy!

Pradeep Karavadi said...

Nice Idea Siraj, but what Swap siad also makes sense. Making should be in the DVD "Special Edition" right !! Apart from "the Making Video" if Anish could post some Beginner Tips (if he finds time!!) that would be great. And we are missing the Photographs that we saw on COFM blog.

IMP : Guys I am desperatly looking forward for DVD of COFM!! it relased or not?? I unfortunatly missed its online release yaar. Very disappointed ( I came to know about it very late) . So Any help???