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Saturday, June 16, 2007


Its been terrible. First I thought I had only video problems. I got that sorted out in time.Now something in the 'code' gave in....we did a million tests earlier...and it was working fine....
but then....whatever.

we have found the problem...fixing it will take a couple of hours from now...and then the website will be up again..
its sheer hard luck....and i am trying not to get too worked up about it....
i hope i can bring back my audience to watch my film....

now is not the time to crib and complain...i am just waiting for my film to come out...and then i'll be a free man.

p.s users who have paid and are worried about pwd expiry...not to worry, i'll be fixing it. sorry for the HUGE KLPD!


Anonymous said...

tokkalo cinema

kool said...

Hey Anish, 1st of all cgrts... n Kamal ...hats off 2 u...gr8 acting dude... movie was kool in the starting but was very slow towards the ending... MAN...but very better than SIVAJI...aa cinema lo last sodhi ki headache vachesindhi...n watching this movie after tht ...kinda kool... the best part of movie 4 me was... kamal making fun of vishnu, baltrix (balayya), n kung-fu thg...(i guess thts 4 ram charan)...tht was really hilarious... but can u temme who r the guys tht were SHOT(producer? n the other 1...hero?) sorry..cudnt get tht point... neways... CGRTS n ALL THE BEST 1s again anish...I hope u make profit frm this... n plzz do continue ur blog writings :-D ...n if possible update the TRADE report of COAFM...coz hit n profit definetely makes happy.. I wish this'll b a INTERNET BOX-OFFICE HIT :-) cheers n chill...kool..!!!

PS: I'm just pasting the same comment I made @ ...just eager 2 knw who r the 2 guys got SHOT :-D... wiating 4 post...thx

Anonymous said...

To my guess the producer who was shot was Bellomkonda suresh,Hero is none other than Nandamuri Balakrishna.
Correct me if i am wrong.

Sandeep said...

Can you please tell me how to watch this movie. I desperately want to watch this movie.

pi said...

Just finished watching the film. I was hoping to see an uncensored film, but there were a few bleeps. I hope you would release a bleepless version sometime.

I honestly dont know whether I liked the movie or disliked it. But well, my mom says I should never be a film critic. If I were I would always stop people from watching films.

Some shots were brilliant. for example, the shot where he goes to Tankbund, stares at the staue of Buddha & thinks about films where his friend keeps yapping. Acting was really good. Kamal Kamaraju plain rocked.

Coming to where movie falls apart. The detioration of mental state of Kamal. I think the movie concentrated a little better on that.

The very first scene is 'inspired' from 'Blair Witch Project'. :).

Anonymous said...

I saw the movie on saturday with high expectations.The movie had a good start but could not sustain the interest in the later part.Its a very bold movie i would say..Hats off!! But you did not show any new things about industry.Whatever you showed, people already know that and talk the same way as you did in the movie.And the last 20 minutes the movie was so dull and there is no story advancement there.

You might have shown some unknown facts abt industry which would have taken your movie to a different level. Acting by Kamal was superb!! Thanks for the bold move.I am also on your side..The industry needs a new color.We need stories and not stars. Its a shame that dubbed tamil movies are doing better than telugu ones .

Sandeep said...

Hi Anish, I'm very sorry to say that there's a technical problem on the server side. I paid $5 through paypal and later on got the mail with the password. But, i'm not able to watch the movie. It's not gettting loaded. Please help me in this concern. My mail id is

om said...

Hmmm....i am so dying to write a review on would come out as a biased view....holding myself back....but, at least i can write a comment on here....and clarify a few things

1.It is Excellent

2. Movies with such subtleties have rarely been seen in Indian cinema.

3. Magnificent acting by Kamal

4. Editing left a lot to be desired...but it was supposed to be a "kamal" movie..he had only 2 days to edit ( from the movie point of view)

5. Sub-titles need a heavy re-furbishing..ASAP...

6. At first i thought it was a waste of time..showing the girl friend track...but, when i re-thought about it...WOW...The one you love so much..betrays you...TFI and GF

7. The mixing of the scenes in Tank-bund blew my mind....A film lover POV( Kamal) and a commoner watching crows POV ( Anish)...Zabardast

8. The placards me to the verge of crying...excellent use of Jaagey hain der tak song.

9. It is not about TFI...Audience shud realise this...TFI is just a ploy their for an Average Frustrated Chump that Kamal plays in the movie...Its beyond TFI....its about frustrations...its about anguish...TFI is just a at the end doesnt really matter..the substance is way too intriguing....

Can go and and on

But the biggest disappointment is...Sub-titling...though i understand Telugu...its really difficult for others to get the nuances...The white back ground and the white sub-titling? Why wasnt a Drop-Shadow used?

Its really difficult for a non-telugu speaking to understand the subtle references....

Anonymous said...

i think the movie is just the way Anish..i am new memebr of Xabyssus and soon would be playing for your next movie..i play keys