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Monday, November 02, 2009

after avakai what?

I have been mulling over that question for almost a year now. In fact two weeks from now it will be a whole year since Avakai first hit theaters. Since then its been a whole new world of experiences.

Experiencing life through the pain of rejection and failure. Its been tough but enlightening at the same time. I took a lot of time to ponder about what kind of stories I must make and what kinds will be accepted by an audience...

I don't have an answer, but I have a new script...well, almost.
More about that in a later post.

I thought I would start writing once I started seeing a here it is, my first post in almost a year!
I will have more things to talk about in my next post (in a couple of days or so)...

until then...


Pradeep Karavadi said...

Hi Anish,

Glad to know that you are working on a new script. Keep posting the updates as you did earlier!!


Pradeep Karavadi said...

mailed you my comments...on your previous work

sri said...

Hello Anish,

I just watched Avakai Biryani and had to write and congratulate you on a great movie! As someone who grew up around telugu culture I really appreciated how well youve captured the people and the the nuances of the culture, as somebody who loves films, I really enjoyed the beautiful execution. And finally as an audience I found it touched a chord.

Great work! Hope to see lots more from you!


shilpa said...

AB has been truly inspiring – I am sure it will drive away the depression and ignorance if one can feel the actual pain that was communicated thru this movie. Kamal was apt for the character and u as a director did a fantastic job. I saved the movie on my lappy and watch it everytime I get a hurdle – be it as small as a bash from my boss or as hard as family stress. I can’t explain the reason y but it jus motivates me all thru. A simple story - avoids over dramatization, vulgarity and violence. Sekhar, Kamal and Anish – a perfect blend for a new telugu movie horizon. U guyz rock!

Good luck!

Viper said...

Dude ,
I think you should look at your strengths and weaknesses. May be you are not meant to make films . I am not telling this because u made one crap movie (btw i watched AB) . You might be a good story teller not a good maker. May be you are a mature movie goer .. that's about it. You are a good blogger , good movie critic. Anyways , Good luck for your next venture .


Deepan S said...

Hello Anish Sir,
I saw your movie avakai biryani today(original Vcd).. It was different, fresh. I loved it. I hope you make a lot many movies with different subjects/themes..
If you need a fresh voice do remember me..


ramya said...

Just happened to watch Avakai Biryani on TV.A very warm movie with few really touching scenes. How I wished I had actually gone to the theatre when it got released.

Hoping to see more of you and Kamal in telugu cinema.