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Sunday, February 17, 2008

My Last Post Until Further Notice.

Yes, this will be my last post Until Further Notice. There is just too much to do on a daily basis, its becoming increasingly difficult and therefore redundant for me to continue writing this blog for now....

I have just a few weeks to go before shooting starts, and all my energies are focussed on achieving just that.

Things are looking great and progressing well....

So thats it for now guys. Sorry, but maybe I will write later, who knows, when things are when the shooting is actually done.

until then....

bye for now


Pradeep Karavadi said...

disappointed to hear this but happy that you are going good with the movie. hey anish,, I heard from my friend that sekhar is producing a movie named "avakai biriyani"!!! is this right!!! and is this your movie??? title is too good man!!! keep going...all the best.

Just let us know few days before when there is a press meet. wanna meet you and wish you :))

hope you would respond to your email atleast ;)

Srujana said...

No is more important than this...though we will miss your regular updates and all the pre-production stories...sure the outcome of such a hardwork will be great as expected...once its done ya it will be nice to read your relaxed and much happier stories of success :)

Good luck!!!

Pradeep Karavadi said...

Hi Anish,

Any progress that you would like to share with us?? how is the project going on?

And, can you arrange for a copy of DVD of COFM plzzzzzzzzz